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HomenewsMandy Moore received a special honor at HCA Awards 2022!

Mandy Moore received a special honor at HCA Awards 2022!

Mandy Moore and This Is Us were snubbed by the Emmys, but that doesn’t mean her incredible performance doesn’t get recognition elsewhere: Mandy Moore was honored with the Virtuoso Award at HCA Awards 2022, which is given to a person who has “cultivated the industry with their talent that expands well beyond a singular role.” Her This Is Us onscreen husband Milo Ventimiglia presented her with the award.

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Mandy Moore Acceptance Speech

After giving thanks to her “team” and “partners at NBC and 20th [Century Fox],” Moore then turned her attention to her husband, telling those in attendance at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in California, “Taylor, [is] not here tonight, he’s a musician — he’s playing a show — and our son Gus is with him.”

“Thank you, babe, for being just the best at everything and holding down the fort at home and letting me cook this next one,” she continued, referring to the pair’s soon-to-be-born second child.

“And [thank you for] not being weirded out by the age makeup for six seasons [on This Is Us],” Moore added. “He was really such a good sport about that.”

Elsewhere in her acceptance speech, the actress and singer also said that she was “so honored to just be invited to the party, let alone have the chance to be up here, [which] is just beyond my comprehension.”

“Longevity has just always been the thing that I’ve craved and sort of strived for. But, the last six years undoubtedly have just been the most momentous of my career,” she added. “And that is thanks in large parts to [This Is Us creator] Dan Fogelman. For taking the most massive chance on me and giving me this job that just changed my life in every measurable way.”

Moore’s This Is Us costar Milo Ventimiglia was on hand to deliver the coveted award to the star. He expressed his love of working with Moore in a speech given beforehand.

“The kind of heart, generous of talent woman that you see on screen and in interviews is the woman who I’ve been lucky enough to play TV husband to for six years.” Ventimiglia, 45, began. Recalling a story about how Fogelman, 46, came to him to ask him his thoughts on casting Moore on This Is Us. The actor recalled her initial audition, where she “wowed Fogelman, myself and others in the room, gave a wave goodbye and was out the door.”

“Just like that, she made a huge impact on all of us. And just like that she has made a huge impact on everyone watching six seasons of This Is Us,” he continued, also noting how Moore has handled serious topics on the show with “care, grace and a sense of fearlessness.”

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Source: ENews / People

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