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Mandy Moore shares family photo for new holiday campaign ahead of welcoming baby boy

Mandy Moore just shared the cutest family photos for the new Gymboree holiday campaign ahead of welcoming baby boy!

The This Is Us actress talked about her partnership with Gymboree for its Holiday Capsule Collection launch.

“Learning about all of the work that [Gymboree] does to give back to children specifically in underserved communities was something that really just resonated with me and stood out with me,” she explains. “I wanted to be more involved and proud to be a part of their commitment and furthering work, especially around the holiday season.”

“And to be able to marry that with our last photo shoot as a family of three, being able to include my husband and Gus in a project is so fun,” she adds. “These things just don’t come around very often. All of that combined is so exciting.”

Mandy Moore shares family photo for new holiday campaign ahead of welcoming baby boy

Moore shared she’s excited to spend the holidays with Gus and the newborn

Mandy Moore says she’s “excited” to introduce and experience all the “quintessential” parts of the holidays this year with son Gus, 18 months, and her baby boy on the way.

“The holidays are fantastic just in and of itself, but the idea of being able to live through your children’s experience now, it’s the best. There’s nothing like it,” says Moore, who is expecting her second baby, another son, with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

“We’re just starting our traditions,” she continues. “With Gus being a little bit older and then having the new guy in the picture this year, it’ll be fun to start to pinpoint what exactly we’re going to do as a family unit.”

Moore, Goldsmith and Gus recently had the opportunity to model Gymboree’s holiday collection. This was the star’s final photo shoot as a family of three!

The soon-to-be mom of two also praises Gus for being a “really good sport in getting dressed up” for the shoot.

“He’s 18 months old and getting him to not only just sit still and not run around the room like a maniac is one thing. He was such a good sport wearing the cute little reindeer antlers with the family pajama pictures,” she shares. “It was so much fun.”

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