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Marina Squerciati: The Burzeks will form a family in Chicago PD 9

In a recent interview with Hello! Marina Squerciati once again expressed herself on the couple formed by her character Kim Burgess and that of her colleague Patrick J. Flueger, Adam Ruzek: in Chicago PD 9 the Burzek will be a family in all respects.

The Burzeks will face tough times in the early episodes of Chicago PD 9

I think Adam is becoming a family man this season. Each season has a theme and this is the theme of the house, and I think Ruzek is trying to find all this meaning [in life]. Makayla and Kim are home, and I think Adam is ready to be a part of it

Will the Burzeks be an endgame for Marina?

I’m a romantic and I see everyone as an endgame. I’m always shocked when people break up. I think, ultimately, all the couples on our show are together, but it’s less interesting when they’re together, it’s more interesting to watch how they become a couple. But let’s hope the final show will be a giant wedding. Even if Upton and Halstead ever get married, he’ll be in Vegas for sure!

Marina and Patrick have great chemistry

Between Marina and Patrick there was a great chemistry right from the start, but it grew over time, as the two became best friends.

They share a language of their own. Squerciati, however, did not have much word on the storyline of her character, she trusts and relies on the authors and at most makes some kind requests. Like having more scenes with Tracy playing her colleague Hailee Upton.

[Patrick and I] We can exchange notes – in acting and in real life – say ‘you’re being rude!’ We are very close and that really helps what you see on the screen.

Are you happy to hear that the Burzeks will be a family in Chicago PD 9?

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