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Maya and Carina – The best moments of their love story

The one between Maya and Carina is certainly one of the love stories that most fascinated Station 19 fans.

It all started with that first meeting at the bar

where Carina approaches Maya to offer her a drink

From that moment they start dating and getting to know their frailties

Maya’s hard moments

We discover, in the rhythm of flashbacks, that Maya’s so rigid character is the result of her father’s excessively severe upbringing, a man of a monstrous wickedness for which only sport and success (in sport) exist and who raised her daughter by inducing her to distance themselves from any ‘distraction’, including friendships and love affairs.

Carina was central to Maya in this. She helped her face that past she did not accept and be her safe haven.

Carina’s difficulties

Carina also had to face difficult times. One among all the death of his brother Andrea (Giacomo Gianniotti)

Carina is immediately deeply shaken. Her midwife, letting off steam with her partner, does not hide her discomfort.

The scenes in the shower, especially the first in which Maya looked at Carina from the door jamb without actually doing anything and then turned and walked away before the other could tell her more, were heartbreaking.

Their happy moments

How they decide to get married

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Carina was faced with her H-1B visa expiring with no option to renew it as Immigration had been shut down due to the pandemic.

With no other options, Carina planned to return to Italy until Immigration re-opened and could process her visa renewal, allowing her to return to Seattle. Not wanting to live apart from Carina, Maya told Carina she’d go to Italy with her

However, after taking some time to consider the impact her leaving would have on her team, Maya reluctantly told Carina she’d have to stay in Seattle, which Carina said she understood.

During a conversation, they ended up fighting because Maya confronted Carina over her declaration that she never wanted to get married.

She said if they got married, Carina could stay in the US. Carina said she didn’t want to get married just for the visa and further said that for her, moving into the apartment was marriage.

Maya made a comment about Carina having Gabriella in Italy, leaving Carina to leave in anger, saying she didn’t want Maya to drive her to the airport anymore.

Carina called Gabriella on her way to the airport. Gabriella told Carina that she’d never seen Carina as happy as she was with Maya, even while she was grieving. She told Carina not to let herself lose Maya for a problem that’s fixable. She also told Carina to celebrate the fact that Maya’s country would even allow them to get married, unlike Italy.

So Carina came up behind Maya and said she was a stubborn idiot and still though marriage was a way to keep women as property, but she’d rather do it than lose Maya. Maya said she was still not sure if she wanted children, but Carina said they could figure that out later and asked Maya to marry her. Maya accepted.

The wedding

Maya and Carina get married, with their friend Ben Warren accompanying them along the aisle and officiating the ceremony

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