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Mayfair Witches: Jack Huston On [SPOILER] Death in Episode 5 Time Loop

Falling in love with a Mayfair witch can prove deadly. Lasher (Jack Huston) trapped Rowan and Ciprien in a supernatural time loop in Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 5, “The Thrall” (streaming now on AMC+).

In an interview with TV Insider, Jack Huston helps us make sense of the Groundhog Day-style episode.

Mayfair Witches: Jack Huston On [SPOILER] Death in Episode 5 Time Loop
Mayfair Witches: Jack Huston On [SPOILER] Death in Episode 5 Time Loop

“I think the sad part about Carlotta is that she always wished that she was chosen by Lasher,” Huston shares of Grant’s not so dearly departed Mayfair. “It’s almost her own feelings that pull her down and make her into this vicious, evil aunt that’s suppressing Deirdre’s powers and now wants to do the same thing with Rowan. It’s like that anti-hero. You kind of want Rowan to let her have it. I guess it’s one’s comeuppance.”

She definitely had it coming. And while they played enemies in the series, Huston raves over Grant’s performance.

“I love seeing Lasher coming through the fire and seeing her and the fear that she has of him,” the Boardwalk Empire alum says. “Beth is so good. She’s so enigmatic. Her face does more than anyone can do with a whole monologue.”

Carlotta told Rowan that Lasher offered himself to her when she was a young girl, and she refused him. Grant previously told us that there’s part of her character who’s deeply attracted to the demonic being, but Huston thinks Carlotta lied about it all.

“I don’t think [Lasher’s power] was ever offered to her,” he theorizes. “Maybe I’m speaking out of turn, but as far as I thought or am concerned, it all stems from this rather jealous place that we find out that she was never chosen by Lasher.”

Lasher incessantly claimed throughout “The Thrall” that he only wants what Rowan wants.

But he was teeming with annoyance when Rowan made him set Carlotta free from her spectral suspension. For someone who lives and breathes for the Mayfair witch Designees, he certainly seems to have a range of emotions. Huston says Lasher can’t exist without the Designee, but that that doesn’t mean he’s free of ulterior motives.

“You never know whether or not what you are learning is the truth or if it’s something that he’s manipulated or coerced from someone because he wants something from them,” he says. “So there is this sort of always present element of mystery and suspicion that I feel with Lasher.”

“We were always having this talk about who he is, this spirit form,” Huston continues. “He exists because of these witches, and does he feel? I said [during production] that I can’t really play someone without feeling, because of course that’s kind of boring. I fully fell into the trap of saying — in a good way — that he loved every witch he was attached to. And yes, he has an ultimate goal, but as much as he manipulates them, they need him and he needs them. So it’s this co-dependent relationship.”

With the flashbacks to centuries-before Scotland and the original family witches, it seems the AMC series is building towards revealing how Lasher became connected to these witches in the first place. And now that Mayfair Witches has been renewed, there’s going to be even more time to unpack the layers of Lasher and Rowan’s supernatural connection.

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Source: TV Insider

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