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Men In Kilts navigates Scotland’s most typical sports

“Who would have ever thought Scots were so sporty?”

In this second episode of the hilarious docuseries Men In Kilts, Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish navigate the sports reality of Scotland, engaging in the most typical sports and speaking with some Scottish sport legends.

Scotland has a long sporting tradition dating back to the age of the clans, which were made of soldiers and men of a certain size. During clan meetings, traditionally called ‘gatherings’, they used to challenge each other in raising stones, throwing wooden trunks, running up hills and in a game known as shinty. This tradition will then give life to the so-called Highland Games, which will inspire the Olympics themselves.

In this episode of Men In Kilts, the hilarious duo launches a very interesting challenge. Graham and Sam challenging each other in the various sports typical of their mother country and who loses will take a nice naked swim in the Atlantic Sea. I’m already crying by laughter?

S6 E3: Go explore those HAIRY bits....
S6 E3: Go explore those HAIRY bits. Scotland Travel Guide in VR 360°

Needless to say, such an exhilarating challenge can only be accompanied by the extremely evocative images and music of Scotland. You almost feel like you are traveling with them. The way this show is directed is really refined and catching.

First stop? Lifting stones!

Sam and Graham travel to one of the greatest stone sites in Scotland, just outside the locality of Balouhidder, where they meet the Scottish scholar and passionate Scot Peter Lawrie, who briefly explains the history and some curiosities about the discipline, which in ancient times was considered necessary to be introduced to manhood.

I love the way this series is able to change tone, passing from historical information to comedy scenes, as it happens during the challenge between Sam Heughan and Graham Mctavish with hilarious soundtracks. I’m so much in love.

Second stop… Harrow Throw!

Our favourite Scots in Kilt are now visiting the home of the Highlands Games, where they compete in the historic discipline of hammer throw. Besides, they meet Kyle Randalls, Highland Games champion, who tells the two actors his experience and explains some tricks.

Seeing Sam and Graham wearing kilt and undershirt practicing for the launch was really hilarious, especially their terrified faces at the thought the hammer may fall on their head.?

Let’s move on to something more sophisticated now… Golf!!

Our men in kilts, even if they don’t wear them now, have also tried their hand at golf. What better place than St. Andrews? As Sam Heughan explains, the first golf tournament in history was inaugurated here and it will be St. Andrews caddy master Fraser Riddle who will teach the secrets of the sport to Heughan and Mctavish before their challenge.

Of all, in my opinion, this was the flattest round, but surely this sport does not leave so much room for irony and humour.

Last, but not least, rugby!!

As good Scottish patriots and fans (especially Sam), they had to dedicate a stage of this episode to rugby. So in honor of the final round of the challenge, our iconic duo was visiting the home of the Scottish rugby team, where they met “two of the greatest rugby players in the history of Scotland”, Al Kellock and Chris Paterson.

After Sam’s hilarious tale, who recalls the good times spent in the stadium as a teenager almost always drunk to see Scotland matches, this round is no less comical. After fighting hard to earn points, Graham wins.

And let’s come to the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as Graham says “one of the sweetest moments of my life”. With losing the challenge, our dear Sam deserves a nice ice bath in the Atlantic, naked!!

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