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Men In Kilts Unveils Scotland’s Superstitions And Witchcraft!

“There’s no place on Earth with more the old superstitions and magic mix into its daily life!”

What do you say? A daily scare keeps the doctor away? On this week’s episode of Men in Kilts, Sam Heughan and Graham Mctavish give us quite a bit of a scare (although always followed by a laugh), leading us to explore Scotland’s folk tradition, superstitions and witchcraft.

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As Heughan explains, the scottish landscape is rich on castles, cimitery and ruins, so past is always present. And also the barrier between the world of the living and the world of the dead is especially thin. For example, Scots had this usage to summon their ancestors’ spirits, in order to feel them close to them in battle (as we saw on Outlander, when Jamie asks for help to his uncle Dougal’s spirit before the battle of Alamance through a small ritual at the river) or just evoking the memory of them through superstitions or terrifying ghost stories. However, the entire scottish culture brings the flame of paganism in it, like in the case of Baltaine’s celebrations.

This week, our favourite traveling Scots stops in some key locations for Scotland’s folk tradition, so to unveil the celtic culture’s most typical superstitions and witchcraft, like Greyfriars Kirkyard, Crial’s Worminston House, The Isle of Lewis and then the grand finale! Be ready!

What is a Scottish Kilt?
What is a Scottish Kilt?

A bit dark episode, but there were fun moments, as usual.

It starts from the Greyfriars Kirkyard, where they got to talk to Charlotte Golledge, whose academic title sees the study of the dead, so what better person? The historian instructed Sam and Graham (and the entire audience of Men in Kilts) about customs and superstitions about the dead, cemeteries and prisons, such as the belief that the last person buried in a cemetery must act as a guardian to others.

Changing location and field, Sam Heughan and Graham Mctavish went to Worminston House, known primarily as an ancient court where witches were tried. Here our favourite Scots spoke to the expert Leonard Low, who briefly explained to them the history of the mysterious witch trials, which in Scotland necessarily led to the stake.

Favorite moment? Graham wearing the armor with which the witches were paraded through the country, and Sam who laughs like crazy ahahah

Now get ready for the highlight! The ‘Men in Kilts’ visit one of Outlander’s most beloved pseudo-locations: the Stone Circle!!

In fact, we find that the authors of the series took inspiration from a circle of monolithic stones on the Isle of Lewis, to recreate in the studio the famous stones that allowed Claire to travel through time.

A moment so magical that Sam himself has identified too much and tried the front with the stone. Maybe people like that will realize that Jamie can’t travel through time? ?

But do we want to talk about the grand finale? Sam and Graham finish their journey through Scotland’s superstitions and folkloric traditions with the Scottish celebration par excellence in witchcraft: Balthaine!

Dances, music and stories around the fire, and of course you can not miss the whiskey! An iconic moment to say the least.

Special mention for Sam in perfect Abandawe style (Outlander fans will get the reference, otherwise, run to review!)

… and also for the post-credits scene ??? I don’t know about you guys, but I suddenly want an Outlander remake with Sam playing Claire and Graham playing Jamie.

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