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Homenew amsterdamNew Amsterdam 5 First Look & what to expect

New Amsterdam 5 First Look & what to expect

New Amsterdam is coming back with its season 5 soon: here’s the preview of the first episode, premiering Sep. 20 on NBC!


In the season premiere, Bloom, Iggy and Reynolds rally around Max as he deals with the fallout from Helen’s decision. Bloom gives extra space to Leyla, but she’s in for a surprise. Reynolds and Wilder help a young terminal patient realize his dream to star in a Bollywood show. Iggy has a breakthrough with a challenging patient.

Take a look at the new poster

NBC just released the new poster for season 5 of its medical drama, New Amsterdam: here’s what to expect!

The poster (which you can see below) features Max, with the tagline, “Take Care. Always,” and it’s fitting, considering how much he and the rest of the staff of New Amsterdam care for their patients. And maybe need to learn to do so for themselves as well. This is especially fitting to Max, after he was left at the altar by Dr. Helen Sharpe, who isn’t coming back.

New Amsterdam season 5 poster

What we can expect from the final season

“The right thing at the wrong time ceases to be the right thing anymore,” executive producer Peter Horton tells TV Insider. “This is a theme Max will have to wrestle with in his relentless longing for Helen, as he strives to keep himself, Luna, and New Amsterdam on track.”

As for what else we can expect in the final season, the synopsis for Season 5 confirms that Max “is back at the helm,” following last year’s change in leadership. In Season 5, “Max and the team will forge ahead with optimism and a renewed commitment to their own lives — reaching for more joy and forging deeper connections with the people they love,” NBC teases.

As for what to expect from the other doctors’ lives, Dr. Bloom’s includes her complicated relationship with her estranged sister, Vanessa. Dr. Frome must deal with the mess he’s made of his marriage to Martin. Dr. Reynolds will continue to figure out his relationship with his father, Horace, after meeting him at the end of Season 4. And the hospital’s newest doctor, Elizabeth Wilder, will continue to build on her firm foundation as a critical member of the staff as well as a vital friend and confidante.

Will New Amsterdam have any kind of a time jump following Helen’s phone call?

The final season premiere (airing Sept. 20) opens with “a montage just takes us through the summer so we’re really on the same timeline as the audience,” showrunner David Schulner says.

“Nothing’s quite beyond repair. I think Max is realizing something very important this year, which is that letting someone into that role in [his daughter] Luna’s life is really important and probably more important than his own romantic life.” – Ryan Eggold about Sharpin

“I think there’s a shift in focus to being a dad. There’s a bit of a wound there for Luna, too, that this woman who was in her life is not there. And so, I think he has a lot of feelings around that and is figuring out, how do I protect my daughter and what’s the best way forward?”

And as Max is prone to do during times of crisis, he “throws himself into work and the hospital and caring for other people,” Eggold adds.

Meanwhile, showrunner David Schulner offers up this tantalizing reason for why “Sharpwin” ‘shippers should continue to tune in to the show: “They may not have seen the last of Helen Sharpe is all I will tease.” Adds executive producer/director Peter Horton: “That and longing is a fabulous emotion to play.”

What can we expect from the finale and this season?

What can you say about how the series ends for Max?

I was very curious about that myself. I had a handful of ideas and maybe this could happen or maybe that could happen. I was wondering how do we possibly wrap up this story that we’ve been telling for so many years now. And at the end of last season, David told me about an idea that he had for potentially a last moment that really caught me by surprise and I did not see coming and I thought was really thoughtful and really heartfelt and very much of our show. And I most certainly can’t say what that is or I’ll get fired on this Zoom. But it was really cool. And I was just excited to — how do you end a series? It’s such a mammoth task and a really cool idea.

Will we see Freema this season?

Schulner: I would say you may not have seen the last of Helen Sharpe. That’s all I’ll tease. So stick around and find out.

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Do you like the poster for New Amsterdam season 5?

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Source: TV Insider

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