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Jocko Sims Shares ‘New Amsterdam’ Memories & Suggests Spinoffs

We may have said goodbye to New Amsterdam, its doctors, and “how can I help?” on January 17, but perhaps some new content will make the loss a bit easier. Jocko Sims, who played Dr. Floyd Reynolds throughout its five-season run, sat down with TV Insider at The Television Critics Association 2023 Winter Press Tour to reflect on the show.

Official poster for New Amsterdam Season 4 featuring lead star Ryan Eggold – Credit: NBC
Sims reveals he did take something with him from set to remember his time on the NBC medical drama: his scrub cap from the surgery scenes.

“That is very special. When you see that, and you see Dr. Reynolds wearing that, you know it’s New Amsterdam. You know it’s Dr. Reynolds,” he explains. So where’s he keeping it? “Somewhere in a nice box, safe.”

On a more personal, emotional note, he’s also taking the memories he now has with the cast and crew, who “are now my friends for life,” he shares. “We shot a drama all the time, very serious stuff a lot of the time. So my most memorable moments would be the ones that we got to laugh and have bloopers and not be able to get through scenes.”

That being said, he does wish they had more bloopers than they did over the years.

For the most part, it was easy to see where each of the characters ended up in the finale. Max (Ryan Eggold) took a job in Geneva with the World Health Organization. Leaving the keys to the hospital with Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank), though his love life was left up in the air.

Reynolds seemed to be on track for the life he’s said he’s wanted since the series premiere with Gabrielle (Toya Turner) meeting his family. Bloom (Janet Montgomery) found a new place to live, and her sister joined her at an NA meeting. And Iggy (Tyler Labine) and Martin (Mike Doyle) remarried. Still, the executive producers hope the series continues somehow because they were not ready to say goodbye.

While the final scene — Max’s daughter, Luna (Molly Griggs), as the hospital’s future medical director — did lend itself to another season or show following her, we took the opportunity to ask Sims to propose spinoff ideas for some of the doctors we followed for five years.

Watch the full video with Jocko Sims for more. Including his favorite blooper, who was most likely to make everyone laugh, and ideas and names for the aforementioned spinoffs.

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Source: TV Insider

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