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Now And Then Stars Discuss The Biggest Challenges on The Show! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

Coming to Apple TV+ on May 20, the bilingual thriller series ‘Now and Then’ is an innovative and engaging project that mixes eras and explores the lives of different characters, as writers and creators Ramòn Campos, Gema R Neira and Gideon Raff explain. We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of talking with José Maria Yazpik, Manolo Cardona, Soledad Villamil and Maribel Verdù, stars of the Apple TV+ series, Now and Then, and discussing with them their performance and approach to their characters.

What’s the main feature you wanted to convey in your portrayal?

Manolo: To show to the audience, and when you try to show humanity, you can show so many different labels and phases of the character, and I think that it’s a very complicated character that can show faces from episode through episode.

Maribel: How mysterious she is. How cold and pragmatic she is. How she tries to make it seem like it’s one thing, but it’s actually another. And most of all, how different she is from me, from Maribel as a person. That’s the biggest challenge we actors like to take on – doing something that has nothing to do with you. And I can assure you that Sofia is the complete opposite to Maribel.

Soledad: I think that definitely one of the personality of Daniella as a character is how sensible she is, and also that she has a lot of shields on top of her. So she is very easily moved and at the same time you can see that when the accident happens, like for example also in the 2000s when she knows that there is a baby that now doesn’t have a mother and all of the pain-group cost and so she tries to help and to repair all of that pain and also of course she has to be very strong so that she can move forward with her life and with a situation which is very difficult since it’s so different to what she probably thought about having as a life when she was younger.

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Now And Then Stars Discuss The Biggest Challenges on The Show! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

What’s been the most challenging scene for you to film?

José: Just the the like the emotional unstableness of of Pedro that he can go from zero to 100 in a second. No I’m not like that in real life and and I’ve I’ve never played a character like that. So yeah, it’s kind of scary to just, you know, dive into that kind of dynamic

Maribel: We had so many challenging scenes and you know, in my case, I think the directors turned me into a different woman, doing Sophia. I couldn’t tell you one – what scenes – it was the most difficult or the most challenging scene, maybe I think the scenes with Manolo. They drunk of Manolo in the bar in the roof. It was really difficult. Most of them with Manolo, I think, and with Soledad. We had such difficult scenes as well. Manolo and Soledad are like my big supporters.

How would you describe now and then in just one word?

Manolo: Intriguing.

José: Fate

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Could we hope in a sequel to the story of Now and Then?

José: Yes, of course we would love it, no?

Manolo: Yes, yes. Yes we would love to have a second season. Hopefully we get it soon.

For the full interview with the Now and Then creators, watch the video at the top of the article!

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