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Now And Then Writers Wanted The Past and Present To Be In Constant Dialogue! – VIDEO INTERVIEW

Coming to Apple TV+ on May 20, the bilingual thriller series ‘Now and Then’ is an innovative and engaging project that mixes eras and explores the lives of different characters, as writers and creators Ramòn Campos, Gema R Neira and Gideon Raff explain.

We at Survived The Shows had the pleasure of talking to the writers and creators of the Apple TV+ series, Now and Then, and discussing with them the message they wanted to share with this story.

What’s the message you wanted to share with the audience through this series?

Ramon: For me the most important message of the series is that the dreams we have when we are young are often not fulfilled in life, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad, but that throughout life things change and we are transformed. I think this is the most interesting part of the message of the series. […] It’s a character drama with mystery and thriller and a bit of comedy and a lot of fun.

Gema: We want to talk about our international world. This world, where all the Spanish people and the American one are together watching at the same series. Living in the same places. Having the same lives. So, we are talking about immigrants, but we are not -because sometimes we are talking about second and third generations – we are all immigrants in our lives, our fathers or grandfathers or whatever. This is our world. So, we want to talk about these two in a real – I don’t know – in a real way. […]

We try to go deep into our characters’ lives. I think this is the key.

The thriller is kind of an excuse, or not an excuse because we have fun with thriller, the three of us, so we love thriller series and the twists and turns and everything makes always better, but the key is to go into the characters.

Gideon: It’s a combo of what Gemma and Ramon said. You know, I was very touched by this theme of looking backwards and re-examining decisions you’ve made in your life. And whether that even leads to anything positive and, you know, forgiving yourself for past mistakes and accepting who you are now versus who you thought you would be. Those things are very universal and they’ve talked to the human condition and I really loved reading that and dealing with that. […] [To describe it] I would choose two words. I would say multi-layered, and human.

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What’s been the most challenging scene for you to write?

Ramon: Well, the most challenging thing. What was the most complicated thing? Well, the mix of the two times, right? And at what point to jump back and forth and how to connect the young people with the older people if the themes in each chapter that the young people’s part and the older people’s part had a common sense.

Gema: We are trying to build one story, not two stories in the same show, so I think the key is that. To have the past and the present, trying to build the same story. And building the towers and the tests and everything added something good to the show

Gideon: And having the two times be in dialogue constantly.

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Could we hope in a sequel to the story of Now and Then?

Gideon: If we’re hoping for it? Absolutely we’re hoping and we’re dreaming about it and hopefully and success we’ll have one, we’ll see, but we are hoping for it.

Gema: Now the key is the premiere on the 20 of May. We are excited and really nervous, you know?

For the full interview with the Now and Then creators, watch the video at the top of the article!

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