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Outlander – Books vs TV show: Claire and Jamie ‘s wedding ring!

As most Outlander fans know (or should know) the Outlander TV series and its books are not exactly the same. In this brand new section, we will be comparing some elements between the STARZ historical-fantasty drama, Outlander, and Diana Gabaldon’s book series on which it’s based: let’s take a closer look at the case of Claire and Jamie’s wedding ring!

OUTLANDER books vs tv show wedding ring

Jamie and Claire’s wedding ring

In the first chapter of Diana Gabaldon’s book series, Outlander, Jamie gives Claire a wedding ring forged from the key of his beloved Lallybroch, his home – but the difference between the literary and the television version doesn’t lie much on that, but in the physical representation of this ring.

Book version

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Reaching, he took the package from my lap and tore away the wrapping, revealing a wide silver band, decorated in the Highland interlace style, a small and delicate Jacobean thistle bloom carved in the center of each link.

So much I saw, and then my eyes blurred again.

I found a handkerchief thrust into my hand, and did my best to stanch the flow with it. “It’s…beautiful,” I said, clearing my throat and dabbling at my eyes.

“Will ye wear it, Claire?” His voice was gentle now, and his use of my name, mostly reserved for occasions of formality or tenderness, nearly made me break down again.

“You needna do so,” he said, looking at me seriously over his cupped palm. “The marriage contract between us is satisfied–it’s legal. You’re protected, safe from anything much save a warrant, and even from that, so long as you’re at Leoch. If ye wish, we may live apart–if that’s what ye were trying to say wi’ all yon rubbish about Laoghaire. You need have little more to do wi’ me, if that’s your honest choice.” He sat motionless, waiting, holding the tiny circlet near his heart.

So he was giving me the choice I had started out to give him. Forced on me by circumstance, he would force himself on me no longer, if I chose to reject him. And there was the alternative, of course: to accept the ring, and all that went with it.

(From OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, chapter 23, “Return to Leoch”. Copyright© 1991 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.) 
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TV version

In the Outlander TV show instead we see a completely different version and not elegant at all. The wedding ring is still forged from the key of Lallybroch, as revealed by Jamie to Claire following their quarrel at Leoch in the ninth episode of the first season, but it is basically a piece of iron forged ring. Nothing to do with what is described in the book, to the point that many fans have come (rightly) to think that it was a temporary ring.

Symbolism objects in the Outlander

Din din din! We have a winner. As always, fans are more forward-looking than the writers themselves.

In fact, in Season 4, during an attack by pirate Stephen Bonnet on their arrival in America, the latter steals Jamie’s wedding ring, rather than Frank’s as he should have done according to the book. This gave the writers reason to change the ring. Taking back the original one that appears in La Straniera. Also given the numerous complaints from fans on such a small detail, but equally important for the fans of the couple.

What do you think of this small but important difference between the Outlander series and books? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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  1. I seem to recall there was talk by Jamie about using a ring of his father’s that had a stone in it and was that used in the wedding? If so what happened to that when the key ring was given. In the series and photos Jamie is sometimes wearing a pinkie ring that appears to have no stone.The series presentation of the new ring was so beautiful as was the ring itself with the inscription

  2. Loved this post and look forward to the others. Reading Voyager now and was surprised that Jamie was about to board the Porpoise and helped by goat tender.

  3. I think you’ll need to do some editing. Jamie didn’t give Claire a ring until they arrived at Leoch AFTER their wedding. Jamie used his father’s ruby ring at their wedding. The books are the books…the show is the show to paraphrase DG. comparison is pointless.


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