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Outlander | How much do you know about Roger MacKenzie? | Quiz

One of the most realistic and human characters in all Outlander, and also highly underrated, Roger Mackenzie has a great weight on his shoulders with a very complicated personal backstory since his birth.

How familiar are you with Roger Mackenzie’s personal, professional and love story in Outlander? Find out with our new quiz!

Outlander's Richard Rankin on Finding Roger's Voice Again in Season 5 Ep 8,  Famous Last Words

Even though Diana Gabaldon confessed to the public that Roger (Richard Rankin) ’s character was born purely accidently, pretty soon, she’s gonna find out she needs someone to help Claire with her research, and here comes Roger’s voice. Diana knew that part of the story had to play out that way, especially with how Frank had wanted to put everything behind him. All that she needed was the help of the young historian Roger Wakefield, who will gradually become an increasingly important presence in the story. Not only did he help Claire with Jamie’s research, but he also helped in telling Brianna’s story, and then there’s his backstory…

Remember everything about Roger ’s character? Test yourself with our quiz!


Congrats! Roger MacKenzie has no secrets for you!

Maybe you got a little too much distracted…

#1. What does Roger MacKenzie do for a living in 1968?

#2. In the Season 2 finale, Claire reveals Roger he's related with...

#3. In Season 4, Jamie mistakes Roger for...

#4. What's Roger's favourite hobby?

#5. On what occasion do Roger and Brianna exchange their first kiss?

#6. Why Roger got hanged in Season 5?

#7. What makes Roger call Brianna after their fight in America?

#8. What was Roger’s favorite toy as a kid?

#9. Under which religion was Roger raised?

#10. What gesture did Roger make that won Jamie’s trust?


Share your results on how much you know about Roger MacKenzie’s personal and love story on Outlander in the commentsAlso, may the best win!

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