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Outlander Prequel Series ‘Blood of My Blood’ Greenlit at STARZ!

An “Outlander” prequel series, entitled Outlander: Blood of My Blood, based on the love story between Jamie’s parents is currently in development at Starz, the network exclusively revealed on their social media channels. The news of a prequel in the works had already been shared last February via an exclusive reveal by Variety.

While fans will certainly be disappointed that Claire (Caitríona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) Fraser’s adventures across time and space will be ending, the show’s prequel series Blood Of My Blood has been greenlighted at Starz and will consist of 10 episodes.

Outlander Season 6, Episode 3 fraser’s ridge; jamie fraser (sam heughan); Claire Fraser (Caitríona Balfe) CR: Robert Wilson/Starz

According to sources, “Outlander” executive producer and showrunner Matthew B Roberts is attached to write and executive produce the STARZ prequel A writers’ room is currently being assembled with an eye to begin work in the coming weeks.

Exact plot details for what the prequel would focus on are being kept under wraps. Ronald D. Moore, who developed “Outlander” for television, will also executive produce along with Maril Davis under their Tall Ship Productions banner. As with “Outlander,” Sony Pictures Television will be the studio. Roberts is currently under an overall deal at Sony.

Gabaldon previously teased that she is still working on a prequel novel about Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser, the parents of “Outlander” main character Jamie Fraser.

“Outlander is a riveting show that from season to season has captured the hearts of its fans around the world. We are excited to peel back the layers of this vibrant world to bring our audience the origin of where it all began. Matthew, Maril, and Ronald will continue to bring their excellent vision and creativity to this new iteration, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Kathryn Busby, President, Original Programming at Starz

Author Diana Gabaldon Says She’s Not Been Approached Yet To Consult On Prequel Series

On the heels of Deadline’s announcement the Outlander prequel Outlander: Blood Of My Blood is in development at Starz, Diana Gabaldon revealed her participation has not yet been secured. Deadline has reached out to Starz for clarification and will update the story when it’s available.

“As well as working on book ten, I am also working on a prequel book about Brian and Ellen, the parents of Jamie Fraser.

We know the start of their story because Jamie told it to Claire in Outlander, but of course there is a lot more to tell, as the first part of the story takes part during the 1715 Jacobite Rising. The story is woven in with the Jacobite Risings – there will be a lot of clan politics and other interesting things.

Sony and Starz have invested a certain amount of money to the prequel TV show, but is just in development at the moment. A whole season will cost a great deal of money to shoot. However, I have written a three-page synopsis of what I conceive to be the beginning of the book. I gave them that to work off, which they are doing.

Meanwhile I will show them the pieces of the book I am writing. They will use what they can use. That is all assuming the show is green-lit. If it does, I will certainly be involved in it.”

Starz’s President of Original Programming Kathryn Busby clarified Gabaldon’s role in the project

“We’re still working the details out but Diana Gabaldon will definitely be involved,” she shared. “She is a fantastic writer and from season to season, she’s been a pleasure to work with. We are going to keep working with her.”

She also shared an update on what the new project means for the future of the original series.

“[The prequel will] absolutely not [take away Starz’s commitment to the original series]. What we’ve proven with the Power franchise is that we can have different lanes of storytelling around the same base. We believe that we can do that with Outlander as well. They are not mutually exclusive at all.”

Lauren Lyle Reacts to ‘Blood of My Blood’ Spinoff

With one spinoff comes the opportunity for others, something that Lauren Lyle would enjoy.

“I was talking about [how] Marsali’s never time traveled in the main Outlander. Me and César [Domboy], who plays Fergus, have often discussed the fact that ‘Are we the only ones that don’t know about time travel and haven’t time traveled? Why are we in the family and no one’s told us this yet? How dare they.’ I wonder if for the prequel, somehow they need someone to help with something somewhere and Marsali’s got to travel back.”

“I’d be right up for it,” Lyle notes. Understandably, Marsali and Fergus are a pretty progressive couple for the time, following in Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie’s footsteps with their blurry gender roles and passion for life.

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Source: Variety / Deadline / TV Insider

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