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Outlander: Will Season 7 be the last? Diana Gabaldon spoke!

The author of the Outlander book series, Diana Gabaldon addressed, as usual with much discretion, one of the fans’ main interrogatives: Will STARZ historical-fantasy drama end up it run with season 7?

Outlander Season 6, Episode 3 brianna randall (sophie skelton); claire randall (caitriona balfe); jamie fraser (sam heughan); Hiram Crombie (Antony Byrne) CR: Robert Wilson/Starz

In an interview with The Dipp, the author of the best-selling literary series, Diana Gabaldon spoke about the new and highly anticipated book of the series “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone”, which came out on November 23, 2021, but not only that, Gabaldon also addressed one of the most difficult topics, the future of the STARZ drama series.

The announcement that Outlander was renewed for Season 7 happened on March 14 while Season 6 was in production after delays due to COVID-19. As a consultant on the show, Gabaldon confirms she knew about the renewal before the public did. With that said, she admits that she — and pretty much everyone else involved in the TV production — “totally don’t know” what the future holds after that.

“We don’t know whether seven is the last bit we’ll get. If it is still going strong and if our lead actors are inclined to go on and [the production company] Sony is inclined to go on, who knows? But there’s just way too many imponderables to predict.”

Diana Gabaldon

It is also well known that Gabaldon revealed to the series creator, Ron Moore, and leads Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the ending of the series. In addition to the identity of the famous ghost of the Scotsman who shooked us in the first episode. All of us fans we hope they will continue to tell us more of the adventures of the Frasers for another 20 years. But in case Outlander ended with season 7, will the authors manage to give a dignified and sensible conclusion. reconnecting the events to the final still unknown to us?

Meanwhile, from Scotland we hear that Outlander Season 7 is currently on production, all witnessed by beautiful shots by the cast and crew!

With Outlander Seasong 6 which wrapped its airing a few months ago, it’s time to start warming up production engines for Season 7 of STARZ’s time travel drama. Check out our special and constantly-updated editorial to keep up with all the news from the Scottish set!

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  1. Your all great in this show I play it goes on for years it’s the only show i can’t be doing anything this show paralyzes me I can’t keep my eyes off the TV when the show is on so thank you God bless you stay safe be good to each other Mrs Ellwood

    • I recall that both Caitriona & Sam were signed for 7 Season when they first signed so I believe it will cost a lot more to get them to sign for additional Seasons.


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