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HomenewsProduction Shuttered for Everest with Sam Heughan and Ewan McGregor!

Production Shuttered for Everest with Sam Heughan and Ewan McGregor!

Bad news for the production of Everest, Sam Heughan ‘s new project alongside big names like Ewan McGregor and Mark Strong. Apparently, after losing its female lead Juno Temple, who has temporarily shelved the project in recent months, it seems that the production of the adventure film got shuttered at the moment, as reported by Sam Heughan during an interview at The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. According to a previous update on the production on Production Weekly., filming was delayed and supposed to begin in September 2022. But who knows now?

According to a previous press release, Everest was supposed to start shooting on January 22 between Italy and the UK. However, two of its stars, namely Ewan McGregor and Sam Heughan, are still busy elsewhere with other projects (Heughan is currently in New Zealand filming the second season of Men in Kilts with colleague and friend Graham McTavish, which has also been postponed. McGregor is still working on the set of Raymond and Ray).

Ewan McGregor Sam Heughan Mark Strong
Ewan McGregor, Sam Heughan and Mark Strong (Credit: Mega; AP)

Everest, the new film directed by Doug Liman and written by Sheldon Turner starring Ewan McGregor, Sam Heughan and Mark Strong.

Inspired by Jeffrey Archer’s novel Paths of Glory, the story is set in 1921 and centers on the real-life George Mallory (McGregor) who is picked by Arthur Hinks (Strong) of the Royal Geographic Society to scale the previously unconquerable Mt Everest. Following World War I, the fading British empire is desperate for a victory. For Mallory and his rival, the eccentric Aussie George Finch (Heughan), the challenge has nothing to do with patriotism, instead it is a singular test of self. Mallory’s real-life journey ended in mystery. He died during this third expedition to summit Everest, and it’s unknown whether he ever made it to the top.

“We are thrilled to be working with HanWay Films in telling this important and timeless story. Bringing Everest to screen is more relevant now than ever. In this period of uncertainty, a story of true determination, passion and positivity can help remind us of what we can overcome.”

Jennifer Klein, producer of the movie Everest featuring Sam Heughan. Ewan McGregor and Mark Strong

“Liman and McGregor are passionate adventurers both in life and filmmaking. This film asks one of the great unresolved questions of the Everest story: was Mallory the first to make it to the top 30 years before Hillary? It wouldn’t surprise me if in the wake of this film, and as we approach the centenary of Mallory’s life-taking climb, this great mystery would lead us to one of great discovery.”

HanWay Films managing dirctor Gabrielle Stewart

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  1. Like every other business, stuff happens and life gets in the way. When all things are settled and a cast is available and all falls into place they will make a great movie hopefully. They have a great cast and story. so be patient.
    I have heard nothing about Men in Kilts 2 being postponed. Sam is in NZ now so we fans await the 2nd season which will come after season 6 of Outlander March 6th. As long as they keep making these programs we fans will continue to wait and eagerly watch.


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