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Riverdale – How well do you know Cheryl Blossom? | Quiz

Cheryl Blossom is one of the most iconic characters in Riverdale: take this quiz to find out how much you really know this character!

riverdale cheryl blossom quiz

Raised by a rich family, Cheryl is the “mean girl” of Riverdale. In reality, behind that mask hides a very fragile, sensitive character with a heart of gold.
Cheryl had a difficult childhood and an even more tormented adolescence, after the death of her twin brother, Jason. The two were inseparable and his death scarred Cheryl forever.

Cheryl has a very strong and overwhelming personality. Cheryl’s most notable personality traits typically consist of her being shallow, confident and compassionate to those around her. She portrays herself as very self-absorbed in order to mask her insecurities.
She takes great care of her appearance and her color is definitely red, which she always wears in her outfits. Her style is as iconic as she is!

Cheryl made fans dream with her relationship with Toni Topaz, of whom Madelaine Petsch, the actress who plays Cheryl, is the #1 fan!

But do you know Cheryl Blossom well enough to answer exactly to all the questions of our Riverdale quiz? Try!


Wow, Cheryl has no secrets for you! Congrats!

Oh no… It seems like you need a rewatch!

#1. What is Cheryl's second name?

#2. When did Cheryl's twin brother Jason die?

#3. Cheryl and Toni create a gang of their own: how is it called?

#4. After Jason and Clifford's death, Cheryl attempts suicide: who saves her?

#5. Who helped Cheryl escape from conversion therapy at Sisters of Quiet Mercy?

#6. Cheryl had a brief relationship with whom, except from Toni?

#7. Cheryl is very good at two of these things: which ones?

#8. Cheryl is referred to with all this nicknames, except one: which one?


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