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Riverdale – How well do you know Toni Topaz? | Quiz

Toni Topaz is one of the most badass characters in Riverdale: take this quiz to find out how much you really know this character!

Toni Topaz: riverdale quiz

Not much is known about Toni’s childhood, but we know that she is very connected to her roots and her second family, the Southside Serpents!

Toni is a free spirit, who loves her independence. Very loyal and protective towards the weakest and her loved ones, Toni is also empathetic. Toni is also very compassionate, loving and can see through others when they are suffering. The most obvious example of this is with Cheryl. Toni saw through her “mean girl” act and was able to recognize that there was more than what met the eye with Cheryl

The Serpent Queen is also very witty, sarcastic and has a sense of humor similar to that of Jughead, which is why the two immediately found themselves in tune, becoming friends.

Toni made fans dream with her relationship with Cheryl Blossom, of whom Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch, the actress who plays Cheryl, are #1 fans!

But do you know Toni Topaz well enough to answer exactly to all the questions of our Riverdale quiz? Try!


Wow, you know Toni very well!

Oh no… Time for a rewatch!

#1. What is Toni's real name?

#2. Jug recruited Toni for the school newspaper: what was her job?

#3. Toni broke up with Cheryl on a specific day: which one?

#4. Which college attended Toni?

#5. After the time jump, who does Toni live with?

#6. What is Toni's job after the time jump?


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