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‘Saint X’ Burning Questions After Season 1 Finale!

Finally getting answers. Saint X revealed who was responsible for Alison’s (West Duchovny) death — and offered an update on Clive’s (Josh Bonzie) relationship with Edwin (Jayden Elijah) — as the series wrapped up its run on Hulu. Scroll down to find out what questions were answered following the season 1 finale of Saint X!

Warning: This story contains spoilers about the plot of Saint X season 1.

‘Saint X’ Burning Questions After Season 1 Finale: Who Killed Alison?

Who Killed Alison?

After a failed attempt to hook up with Clive and Edwin, Alison started to question her time at the resort and her place in the world. She tried to do something spontaneous by visiting an area on the island that was considered dangerous to tourists. Alison skinny-dipped in the water before climbing a rock to watch the waterfall — where she tripped and ultimately fell to her death.

How Were Clive and Edwin Involved?

Although the pair spent time with Alison during her last night, they became preoccupied with their personal feelings for each other. They were arrested after sharing an intimate moment together and were making plans for a potential future in the U.S. before Alison’s disappearance.

What Did Tyler Know?

The fellow tourist had sex with Alison before she died but didn’t tell anyone about their time together. In the future, Tyler revealed to Emily that he allowed Clive and Edwin to take the blame for Alison’s death even though he knew she returned to the resort that night.

Did Emily Find Closure for Her Sister’s Death?

Following her candid conversation with Clive, Emily made the decision to leave New York City and break up with her boyfriend. She moved to San Francisco with her parents, where they all attempted to finally face the aftermath of Alison’s passing together.

Were Clive and Edwin Able to Reconcile?

Clive returned to the Caribbean to reunite with his son — and Edwin. However, Clive discovered that Edwin didn’t have a lot of time left after he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The former best friends reconnected in the final moments of the episode.

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