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Showrunner on Halstead’s exit and a future without him on Chicago PD 10

Chicago PD showrunner Gwen Sigan talked about Halstead’s exit during season 10 and what the future will look like without him on the show.

Sigan talked about the future of Chicago PD after Halstead’s exit in season 10

“The specifics regarding when and how he’s leaving we’re keeping under wraps. But I do think it’s gonna make sense to fans when they see it, and they’re gonna understand that we really wanted to do justice to the character, who he is, and what he represents to the show. And also Jesse himself, as he’s been here since day one—even before Day 1. He was there when Chicago Fire started the spin-off for PD. He’s a member of this family and he always will be. We just really wanted to give him a showcase.”

Showrunner on Halstead's exit and a future without him on Chicago PD 10

Upton’s future without Halstead

“Upton is going to have some fallout, yeah. It’s a tough place for her to be in. She is just so connected to Halstead who not only is her husband but also her partner. They are so so threaded together in their lives and so to see her on her own and have to navigate that—she certainly gets into some really interesting territory this season as she’s trying to navigate that. She’s someone that’s not necessarily the best at dealing with her emotions. She likes to be in control and likes to feel like she has control of her headspace. So this is going to throw her for a loop a bit.”

This season might be dark so far, but it’ll get better

“The season is not going to be all dark. The theme we’re going for this year is savior and we’re looking at this question: Can the broken be saved? So we will see some saving happening this season as well.”

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Source: Deadline/TVInsider

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