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Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton Have Been Friends Since Day One – PHOTOS

Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton starred as best friends Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill for six seasons beginning in 2004. Hilarie left the CW series in 2009, while Sophia stayed on for the finale three seasons, but the two remained tight. 

“It’s a memory of going to this awesome rooftop bar and restaurant in Wilmington with Hilarie Burton, who is my sister for life. We ordered a cocktail and sat and chatted and we just felt like ~ladies~.” Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush served up a modern Brooke + Peyton moment when she took to Instagram to post a tribute to her former onscreen and real life BFF Hilarie Burton-Morgan, calling her One Tree Hill co-star, “my person.”

“You know how there are just those magical people in your life that have known you through every single version of yourself and that have loved you through all of them? The ones who you only get closer to with every passing year? The ones who you show up to break bread with, wearing the exact same—unplanned—outfit?,” she wrote on Sept. 21, along with a series of photos of the duo twinning in chic white suits. “Yup. She’s that person. She’s my person.”

“Sister, I love love working to tackle climate change and wrongful convictions with you,” she continued. “I love being bad an sneaking away for wine and a bowl of pasta in the middle of the day with you. And I frickin’ love that we have arrived in our power suit era. We rule.”

Hilarie Burton reply to Sophia Bush with a sweet comment

“People ask all the time, ‘how do you decompress after covering heartbreaking cases?’ This. I cling to THIS! Silliness and history and secrets and triumph and sorcery and a million bits of fun that I hoard like fireflies in a jar. I love our matching uniforms!!! We’re just cheering for different things now, in lockstep. Go Ravens!!!!!”

Hllarie has previously admitted that she and Sophia had to “fight for our own friendship,” while filming, despite the fact that she felt “the storyline between Peyton and Brooke” was the real “love story of the show.”

From a budding new friendship which started at a bar in Wilmington to being lifelong BFFs more than fifteen years later is the purest content there is in this world!

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