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Homestation 19Station 19: Andy and Robert's future - SPOILER

Station 19: Andy and Robert’s future – SPOILER

Actor Carlos Miranda on Andy and Robert: “The beginning will be a bit tense”

Station 19 season 5 begins airing shortly, arriving September 30 on ABC.

The first rumors and spoilers about what awaits us in this highly anticipated season are already circulating on the web. EtOnline microphones intercepted Theo Ruiz’s interpreter. Carlos Miranda, recently promoted to regular cast member, then provided a number of interesting spoilers about the new episodes.

The actor teased what will happen to the Andy Herrera / Robert Sullivan couple.

Last season’s finale saw them involved in the firing of Captain Maya Bishop (Danielle Save), with Andy accusing her husband of cheating on her friend in order to further himself to the promotion to the role of captain.

These are the words of Miranda:

The start will be a bit tense considering what happened in the finale and we’ll find out if things worked out between Andy and Robert or not. Andy will feel like she has betrayed herself and her friends with her, so the tension will be high.

Although Robert Sullivan has tried to explain the absolute good faith of her actions, the protagonist will continue to doubt the integrity of her partner.

From the Station 19 twitter account, the first photos from the set. In this case, there is the future captain (?) Sullivan.

Waiting for the broadcast, we will keep you updated with all the news and spoilers on the Shondaland series!

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  1. I think Andy is a quitter and she gives up on Robert to fast and to easily. She always puts her friends feelings before his and every time they have an issue she runs off and hides from him like a child and plays the silent game with no end. I dislike how she doesn’t try to be a wife and work stuff out, Robert is to grown for her and she is way to immature.


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