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Stefania Spampinato from Sicily to Grey’s Anatomy – WATCH VIDEO

Stefania Spampinato: this is how an enterprising Italian took on the cult role for the LGBT community in the most popular TV series in the world (and its spin off)

Stefania Spampinato is now known to everyone as Dr. Carina De Luca who has brought an energy storm to the long-running TV series Gray’s Anatomy, since its 14th season.

Starting with the hilarious conversations with his brother Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti), with a load of gesticulation and Sicilian accent, her role raised the level of the attention of fans of the series, at a time when some key characters in the history of the most famous hospital in the world, had disappeared.

Stefania tells of a world tour in pursuit of her vocations, first dance and then acting, up to the role of Carina De Luca, the already cult character in the LGBT world who changed her life.

Dad is from Racalmuto, he drove buses, mom was from Catania and was a seamstress; we moved to Belpasso, 20 thousand souls, when I was two. I graduated from high school, I was destined for law but without even waiting for the final grade I got on a flight to the continent, towards Milan

Stefania Spampinato and Ellen Pompeo alias Carina DeLuca and Meredith Grey

Her parents weren’t enthusiastic

My parents, oh my God, they weren’t enthusiastic, however, not even against: they trusted”

The Academy of Fine Arts awaits her

I sublease a room, work in a pub to support myself and as a dancer on TV: five wonderful years, savoring independence”.

But Stefania’s restless soul gets back into motion, the company she dances with offers her a job in London.

Five years as a dancer there too and on tour, then the body presents the accounts to you and I knew I didn’t want to be a choreographer

Finally Grey’s Anatomy

I invest in myself by paying $ 5,000 for a visa and take off to the entertainment capital of the world. Los Angeles

Here begins Stefania’s journey

For six years a crazy effort, but I didn’t want to become the Italian speck who gesticulates a lot, speaks loudly and has a very heavy accent. The day before the audition for Gray’s Anatomy I was crying desperately but the American experience was determined to make it work

Shonda Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo, the legendary doctor Gray, the spontaneous Sicilian one with a bright smile like it. “I had heard of many actresses being fired after reading the script. Imagine with what spirit I arrived there … ». But that’s okay, very good.

Her character, Carina, who reflects the actress’s sunny personality and her hypnotic smile, in addition to being a healthy bearer of a good mood is also the protagonist of an important love story with Maya Bishop, captain of Station 19 (Grey’s Anatomy’s spin off)

Here with Danelle Savre, her tv wife, in Lachlan Buchana Twitter post

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