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Sweeter Than Chocolate, starring Dan Jeannotte and Eloise Mumford, premieres Saturday Feb 4 on Hallmark! – WATCH

Eloise Mumford, Dan Jeannotte and Brenda Strong will star in “Sweeter than Chocolate” a new, original movie premiering Saturday, February 4 (8 p.m. ET/PT) on Hallmark Channel. It’s part of the network’s annual “Loveuary” programming event. Let’s take a first exclusive look at the movie!


A local chocolatier is rumored to have the secret recipe to finding true love on February 14th, drawing in a TV reporter to investigate.


Lucy Sweet’s (Mumford) chocolate shop has become a Valentine’s Day mecca ever since the rumor spread that eating one of her special Cupid chocolates on February 14th leads to finding true love. This rumor is exactly what intrigues local TV reporter Dean Chase (Jeannotte) who is determined to debunk the local legend. The last thing Lucy wants is to let anything threaten her shop, so she reluctantly agrees to take part in his investigative research, joining him in interviewing key couples who swear they have fallen in love thanks to Lucy’s confections. As Dean interviews couple after couple, he gets to know Lucy better.

Although they both have experienced broken hearts, Lucy still believes in the power of love while Dean has lost faith in it. However, being around Lucy forces Dean to wonder if his take on romance is completely wrong. When Dean’s boss gets excited by the developing story, she insists Dean do a live feed from the chocolate shop on Valentine’s Day while trying one of the infamous Cupid chocolates himself. Interest builds in what is being hyped as the truth about Lucy’s store. Meanwhile, one of Lucy’s happy couples ends in disaster, and Lucy begins to wonder if Dean hasn’t been right all along.

Is she really misleading everyone with naïve faith? When the chocolatier is ready to wave the white flag and admit defeat, Dean comes to the rescue, convincing her that putting more love into the world is a good thing even if there might be some heartaches along the way.

Dan Jeannotte Teases Hallmark’s ‘Sweeter Than Chocolate’ Is a ‘Different Kind’ of Rom-Com, Praises Network’s ‘Diverse’ Stories

Chocolate kisses for all! Dan Jeannotte revealed why he was drawn to Hallmark’s Sweeter Than Chocolate role — and how it’s flipping the network’s usual format.

“When I first read the script, it immediately struck me as a different kind of story than some of these rom-coms tend to be,” Jeannotte exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, January 31, while promoting the all-new movie. “Because we weren’t just focused on the love story between the two main characters. You also get to see these snippets of a lot of different kinds of love stories.”

The Canadian actor, who plays journalist Dean Chase in the “Loveuary” film, added: “I thought that that was so cute and fresh and it just brought energy to the movie and it makes it extra loving, extra sweet.”

“That’s the other thing about these kinds of other love stories [that] we get to see within this, movie, is that they’re diverse,” the Bold Type alum teased. “[We’re] seeing gay love stories, love stories with people who met later in life, older people who fell in love after having a marriage or losing a partner. And it just goes to show there [are as] many different ways to fall in love as there are different people in the world.”

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Source: Hallmark / IMDb

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