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The best siblings duo in TV shows!

If you have a sibling, you know the amount of love that bonds you is indescribable: here are some of the best siblings duo in TV shows!

Disclaimer: this list only contains shows I’ve personally watched. I haven’t watched every tv show existing, especially “older” tv shows. Of course, I’ll be happy to know your opinion on the best siblings in tv history: just leave a comment below!

Meredith & Lexie – Grey’s Anatomy

Even though Meredith can’t stand Lexie at first – and this makes their relationship even more realistic – she ends up loving her with all of her heart. They go through ups and downs, work together and have each other’s back till the end.

Ben & Michaela – Manifest

Both Ben and Michaela are incredible alone, but when they team up together they’re simply unstoppable! They make such a good team and work so so well together! I wish Manifest wuld show us more scenes with them working together!

Callie & Mariana – Good Trouble (& The Fosters)

I personally love Callie and Mariana’s relationship because we had the chance to watch them grow – and watch their love and bond grow with them. If you watched The Fosters before tuning in with Good Trouble, you know everything they had to go through together – which makes them even more special to me.

Sterling & Blair – Teenage Bounty Hunters

Sterling and Blair’s dynamic is probably the one that’s more similar to me and my sister’s dynamic, except we aren’t twin sisters. They’re so funny to watch and I’m sad Netflix canceled this show.

Octavia & Bellamy – The 100

It’s all about the way Bellamy always protected his little sister in every way he could – and how Octavia learnt to do the same for him. They’re both really hot-tempered and argued many times throughout the show. But the thing is, they always had each other’s back and always came back to each other.

Kara & Alex – Supergirl

This is another relationship very similar to the one me an dmy sister share. I just love them so much. They’d do anything for each other and have grown sooo much since the beginning of the show.

So, what do you think of these siblings duo in tv shows? Which one is your favorite?

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Aurora Odolini
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