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Homethe bold typeThe Bold Type 5x05 “Don’t Turn Away”: review!

The Bold Type 5×05 “Don’t Turn Away”: review!

Episode 5×05 of The Bold Type, called “Don’t Turn Away”, was an exciting episode!
All the characters, but especially Jane, Sutton, Kat and Jacqueline, took a ride on the rollercoaster of feelings: let’s see them together!

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Kat is looking for funds to support her latest project, the one about women who have spent time in prison and who are unable to reintegrate into society due to stupid prejudices. Jacqueline comes to her rescue, who proposes to make the project part of Scarlet. Luckily, after clarifying the terms, Kat agrees!
I can’t wait to see all the girls working at Scarlet again!

As for Kat and Adena, let’s face it: it was only a matter of time! They’ve both matured a lot over the seasons, and I think they’re finally ready to be together!

The Bold Type 5x05: foto dall'episodio - Serie Tv -

Sutton begins her journey in therapy. I am very happy that they decided to address this matter too!
But everything collapses after Richard’ phone call. Even worse, after seeing each other again. Richard seems fine, and you could see Sutton’s pain in her eyes.

Then Richard tells Sutton of his choice to adopt a child. A courageous choice and to which, if I’m honest, I had also thought as a possible solution for the couple. The truth is that with this ending they gave us hope, which is very dangerous to an episode from the end. What will happen between Sutton and Richard? Is there any chance they’ll get back together, or were those words goodbye?

Jane and Jacqueline
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Jacqueline is teaching Jane to be her. A task that Jane performs brilliantly and that brings her where she has always dreamed of being: at the head of Scarlet. Jacqueline realizes not only that Jane is ready to take her place, but that she herself is ready to leave it. After the holiday with her husband Ian, Jacqueline will retire for a new chapter of her life: to work alongside her husband!
Jane will be Scarlet’s new editor-in-chief – and I’ve been waiting for this moment since season one! It’s true, maybe it all seems a bit hasty, but with the 6 episodes of this season the writers had to speed things up a bit!

Did you enjoy episode 5×05 of The Bold Type? Let us know and keep following us because next week awaits us, unfortunately, the last episode of the series!

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