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HomenetflixThe Crown: Elizabeth Debicki says recreating Princess Diana's recordings was a 'challenge'

The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki says recreating Princess Diana’s recordings was a ‘challenge’

In preparing to portray Princess Diana on the ’90s-set fifth season of The Crown, Elizabeth Debicki said recreating Diana’s recordings was a “challenge”.

“I came to this character with a pretty blank canvas,” the actress says. “I’m Australian, shock-horror, and I was very young during this period of history, so I didn’t have any lived memory of it. What I learned, I learned through Peter’s interpretation and then the research archive department that assists in building a very solid foundation of the actual historical events. Then eventually you have to just throw it all away and do the scene.”

Debicki had plenty of archival material to mull over before shooting episode 2, which is directed by Jessica Hobbs and details how Diana helped author Andrew Morton write his biography of her, Diana: Her True Story. As depicted on the show, Diana declined to let Morton interview her, instead recording lengthy answers to the writer’s questions at her Kensington Palace home, with her friend Dr. James Colthurst serving as a go-between.

The Tiaras of the Crown
The Tiaras of the Crown

Debicki describes recreating this chapter of Diana’s story as “a fascinating and complex task”

“It’s extremely unusual that you would just suddenly have this portal opened up where you can access that kind of reality, and that emotional truth, of your character, and then find ways to reinterpret it as an actor. I found it to be a really rich experience and a real challenge as well. I recently watched that episode, and I feel the way Jess Hobbs directed it brings all the pieces together in this really satisfying way.”

Morton, who is played by Andrew Steele (Outlander) in the episode, has given Debicki’s performance as Diana a thumbs-up. “It left me breathless, and it took me back all those years,” Morton said in a Good Morning America interview on Friday. “I mean, I don’t say this very often, but I was shaken.”

Season 5 of The Crown is streaming now on Netflix.

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Source: EW

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