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The Good Doctor Twist: [Spoiler] Fired

St. Bonaventure is down a resident following Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor.

TVLine can confirm that Season 6’s 11th episode, “The Good Boy,” marked the final appearance by recurring guest star Savannah Welch, who was introduced last fall as surgeon-in-training Danica “Danni” Powell

The Good Doctor Twist: [Spoiler] Fired

Chief of surgery Dr. Audrey Lim was forced to fire Powell after she attempted to carry out an unsupervised operation on an old Navy friend with supplies she stole from the hospital. Asher, who guided Powell through the procedure prior to Lim’s arrival, was placed on a two-month probation

Powell had shown a pattern of disobedience during her brief tenure at St. Bons, and refused to recognize her own mistakes. Her insubordination resulted in a combative relationship with direct supervisor Shaun, as evidenced in the medical drama’s 100th episode. After firing her, Lim offered the surgical hopeful a piece of advice: “You’ve got to learn to compromise sometimes,” she said. “If you don’t, it’s going to hurt you — not just as a doctor, but in life.” But headstrong Powell insisted that she’d done the right thing because her friend survived, and she was willing to live with the consequences of her actions.

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Source: TV Line

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