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The Handmaid’s Tale: A scared fan once ran away from Ann Dowd!

How to blame him, who of us would not run away at the sight of Aunt Lydia in person? Ann Dowd tells this funny anecdote in an interview!

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Ann Dowd is Aunt Lydia on The Handmaid’s Tale (Credit: Hulu)

A guest in Ellen Degeneres’ talk show, one of The Handmaid’s Tale key faces, Ann Dowd shared a rather awkward meeting between her and a fan, who, at her sight and once framed who she was in the dystopian series, ran away scared. A really surreal and also funny situation.

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Ann Dowd

“One would be at the airport when I was heading to [a] flight – you know, when you go down the escalator,” Dowd began telling the story. “And a lady jumped straight in front of me – with a pointed finger. And she said, ‘I know you, I know you. Who are you?'”

For a little while, the woman, who Dowd noted was riding backward on the escalator, kept trying to figure out who she was, asking her various questions. Dowd kept her conversation to a minimum, only telling the woman it might be best to “turn around” and face forward on the escalator. 

“Then, she went like this, ‘I know you. I know you. I know who you are,’ You’re her, aren’t you?” she kept telling. After Dowd answered in the affirmative, the woman turned around and ran off, fast as the wind.

What do you think of this awkward meeting with Aunt Lydia? Would you run away as well?

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