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The Handmaid’s Tale inspired Madeline Brewer to tell her own abortion story

Janine’s experience of having an abortion was told on season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale: here’s how it inspired Madeline Brewer to tell her own story.

That flashback episode, titled “Milk”, showed Janine before Gilead’s takeover as a single mom seeking out an abortion after an unplanned pregnancy. But her Google search led her to an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center, which served to manipulate women into keeping unwanted pregnancies due to the dropping fertility rate.

The Handmaid’s Tale inspired Madeline Brewer to tell her own abortion story

“When I filmed Janine’s scenes where she was getting an abortion and being manipulated by these crisis pregnancy centers, Roe v. Wade was still intact. But having that storyline was actually a really incredible grieving process for me for my own abortion that I spoke about online in June after the overturn of Roe,” says Brewer. “People talk about how much they love Janine and how much Janine has inspired them, and it felt important to me to talk about my own experience.”

‘This is a Real-Life Post by an A...
‘This is a Real-Life Post by an Anti-Abortion Activist, You Can’t Make This S*** Up’

Brewer revealed in a post on Instagram that she had an abortion when she was 20

“Today my life is mine,” she wrote, in part. “I can’t wait to be a mother someday on my own terms.” A few months later, she explained, “When I decided to write that Instagram post in June, I was one in a cacophony of voices sharing fear and anger at the overturn of Roe and any information on how to access abortion pills. I wanted anyone who saw it to know that I understand how important it is to have abortion as an option because I’ve needed it myself.”

She never saw abortion being represented onscreen the way The Handmaid’s Tale showed Janine making her choice

“There’s no one way to tell why someone would get an abortion because there’s no one way a woman or a person decides to have an abortion. I do feel like sometimes we talk about it like it’s one thing: ‘Oh, that was the abortion storyline.’ But there are thousands upon thousands of reasons why even one individual would decide it’s not right for them. And for me, it was the very singular fact that I was not ready.”

“I wanted people to know how common it is and also how much we are shamed into keeping quiet about it. So many people were talking about the medical reasons someone might need an abortion and I completely agree. But I also wanted to speak to the fact that I had an abortion because I did not want a child. Because I was not ready for a child. Ten years later, I’m still not ready. I still wouldn’t be able to give a child the life and the love and the attention that they would deserve. And I wanted to speak to that.”

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