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Homethe residentThe Resident boss on VanCamp's finale return and Conrad

The Resident boss on VanCamp’s finale return and Conrad

The Resident executive producer Andrew Chapman digs into VanCamp’s return in the season 5 finale and what’s next for Conrad!

The last episode of season 5 brought fans back in time with a flashback. In the scene, Conrad is with Nic and they have a deep and serious conversation about their future if one of them dies.

“After a while, I do want you to move on,” Conrad told his wife. “Just promise me, whoever it is, find somebody who loves you as much as I do.” Nic promised, but under one condition: “Only if you do, too.” Back in the present day, where Conrad & Co. were celebrating Kit and Bell’s engagement, Conrad approached the table where his much-teased potential love interests Billie and Cade were both sitting… and the episode ended just as he reached them.

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Chapman explains why that romantic cliffhanger felt like the right stopping point for Season 5

“The whole season has been, in a weird way, built around the loss of Nic — about grief, about coming back from grief and learning to live again. Thematically, the whole show has been about mortality and how you embrace mortality, embrace the loss of others and move on with your life. Given that we had Billie already on the show, and then we got Cade, we just loved the idea that, at the end of this season, Conrad would be ready to move on, but we weren’t going to make that choice yet.

We felt like that wouldn’t be appropriate to the whole idea of grief and moving on. Making the choice is for the premiere of next season, and in fact, we have an idea laid out of what exactly it will be, and how we’ll lay it out to the audience. That will be an entirely new idea.

The loss of Emily VanCamp, so quickly at the beginning of the season, was unexpected, and we had to shuffle things around. But once we got comfortable with that, and once we understood that that was what the season was about, it really helped shape our finale.”

It was too soon for Conrad to have a new love interest

“We were all, as a group, unready to see Conrad move on with somebody else. He had a brief dalliance with Marion, and that was fun, but it was just a toe in the water. To really move on — we weren’t ready to do it. We thought, “No, it has to be next season.” And by the way, Matt Czuchry, our Conrad, totally agreed with us and was very vehement that he didn’t want to see Conrad move on yet. He didn’t want to see Conrad make a choice. And the finale, with all those flashbacks with Nic, really closed the book on that in a really nice way. After this, the audience — and we, as writers — will be able to move on.”

The Resident

Chapman’s plan for Conrad’s future

“We wanted to bring closure to the entire season with this episode. To finally have Conrad realize that he was emotionally ready to move on with his life. But we wanted to hold off on his making a choice on who to move with until season 6 when we could start a whole new storyline where Conrad goes in his love relationships. We have very specific plans for who he chooses in his love life, but you’ll have to tune in to season six to know what those plans are!”

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Source: TVLine/Deadline

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  1. marion should return. she would be the perfect one for GiGi and Conrad. Billie would not have time being a busy doctor. Cade is so disturbed and really can not handle a family.


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