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Homethe residentThe Resident: Emily VanCamp to Return as Nic in Season 5 Finale!

The Resident: Emily VanCamp to Return as Nic in Season 5 Finale!

What a PLOT TWIST for you all, The Resident fans – Emily VanCamp, who exited the Fox drama at the start of its current fifth season, will return to the series in its upcoming Season 5 finale, TVLine has learned.

The Resident su Rai2, Emily VanCamp prima dell'addio: "Ecco cosa mi lega a  Nic" - LaNostraTv
The Resident: Emily VanCamp to Return as Nic in Season 5 Finale!
As co-showrunner Peter Elkoff tells us, VanCamp will appear in “four, maybe five” flashback scenes during the May 17 season ender.

It will be used as a storytelling device to help Conrad move on from his relationship with Nic and pursue romance with another woman — either Jessica Lucas’ Billie, or Kaley Ronayne’s Cade.

“He hasn’t been able to make a move and find that next love. He knows that he’s still stuck in the past, in a way, with Nic. At the top of Episode 23, he realizes he has to unstick himself, and he doesn’t quite know how to do it. He gets some good advice about it. And he’s basically circling the memory of this one night when Gigi was just born. He keeps going back to pieces of that night, because he thinks the answer of how he moves on is in that night… and he gets an answer, a realization that frees him in a certain way.”

co-showrunner Peter Elkoff

Nic is ‘the heart of the whole episode’

VanCamp returns for flashbacks that will “give the audience the thing they’ve been yearning for,” promises The Resident executive producer Andrew Chapman.

“It’s the heart of the whole episode, and, in a way, the entire season. It’s about dealing with grief and life moving forward,” Chapman says.

Emily VanCamp as Nic in The Resident
Elkoff adds that although Nic’s return via flashbacks wasn’t proposed until later in the season, he and the Resident writers have been looking for the right way to set Conrad up with someone new ever since the show’s three-year time jump earlier in Season 5.

“We started to realize, what would hold a person back? Well, the love of his life who died. The mother of his young daughter. We had to figure out a way to both free him and end that chapter. Emily was really up for the idea of coming back, so we built her story around that idea.”

co-showrunner Peter Elkoff

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Source: TV Line

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