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The Resident Season 6 Confirms Conrad’s New Romance – SPOILER

The Resident has kept viewers in the dark for months about the identity of Conrad ’s new romance in Season 6. Keep reading to find out who that is!

The Resident Season 6 Confirms Conrad’s New Romance – SPOILER

You heard that right! Conrad is officially dating Cade Sullivan, the ER doc with whom sparks began to fly at the end of Season 5.

According to series co-creator Amy Holden Jones, a discussion was held among The Resident‘s writers as to who Conrad should pursue, and “there was a consensus, actually, of who people wanted him to be with,” she reveals. “But it [wasn’t] as obvious about when it should happen and how that should happen.”

Conrad and Cade’s relationship was revealed in the premiere’s final act, as the pair kissed and made plans to see each other later that evening.

Billie, who also began pining for Conrad during Season 5, confessed to Raptor that she’d planned to tell Conrad her true feelings at Kit and Bell’s engagement party. But “Conrad left with Cade before I could get a word out”. For the moment, though, Billie is at least convincingly pretending she’s content to be Conrad’s best friend. While Raptor insisted that “it’s never too late to win the love of your life back.”

“AJ’s theory of why Conrad picked Cade may be right. [Billie] was Nic’s best friend, which is complicated, and it’s true Conrad did not know this wasn’t an impediment to her,” Jones concedes. “Both women are viable choices. And that may continue to be true.” (That said, Jones is adamant that Cade and Billie’s dynamic won’t be defined by their competition for Conrad’s heart. “How two women feel about each other is not only determined by who they date,” she says. “Both of these characters are more complex and deserving than that.”)

There could be a new wrinkle in this love triangle, though.

While Jones confirms that Conrad and Billie will “remain incredibly close” throughout Season 6, she adds that upcoming episodes will also come to involve “the nature of the dynamic between Billie, Raptor and another doctor you have yet to meet.”

“Many, many more people, at least online, probably have been rooting for Billie, but what they have forgotten that I don’t forget is the first year that Billie was a character, she got very little love online, and it wasn’t until the next season when we deepened her and you learned her past and you saw her problems, that people fell in love with Billie,” Jones noted. “Last year was Cade’s first season. This is the season you fall in love with Cade.”

Either way, Conrad is leveling up in the romance department, as Jones said both women are “unbelievable options.”

It’s not a simple choice and I don’t believe it ever will be, really,” she hinted.

“To say that that relationship with Cade will have challenges, it’s not going to be perfect. None of them are,” Jones previewed, promising that Billie won’t be waiting in the wings as Conrad and Cade figure out their relationship status. Cade is also in the midst of a major addiction storyline with her father, the celebrated pediatric surgeon Dr. Ian Sullivan (Andrew McCarthy), that will directly impact her relationship with Conrad.

“Billie’s not going to stand around and just twiddle her thumbs. There’s another player coming on the board, a doctor you haven’t met who’s going to go after Billie and it’s not clear what her relationship with Raptor’s going to be either. Friends sometimes become lovers,” she teased. “So whether it happens or not, I’m not going to say, but it has happened before on the show.”

“You have to watch to see this complex chess game of relationships unfold,” Jones continues. “But first, we have to see the ramifications of Conrad’s choice. Episode 2 is crucial to understanding the chemistry between Conrad and Cade.”

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