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The Time Traveler’s Wife: what makes Clare & Henry great & updating the story for TV

The Time Traveler’s Wife star Rose Leslie was stunned by the love story she got to portray: she also reveals what makes Clare and Henry a great couple!

In Wife, artist Clare Abshire (Leslie) contends with her soulmate Henry DeTamble’s genetic disorder, which makes him involuntarily time-travel — sometimes to Clare’s own childhood. Here, Leslie breaks down the time-plagued couple for us.

The Time Traveler’s Wife: Rose Leslie on what makes Clare & Henry a great couple

How Leslie sees Clare

“From a very early age, her world begins to revolve around Henry. As she grows up, she is constantly juggling two scenarios — who she is when Henry is around and who she is when he’s missing. The adult Clare has this innate belief that she and Henry are meant to be together. She’s actually fiery and determined and patient and a hopeless romantic in that respect.”

Some of Clare’s unique challenges

“There is a scene where there are two Henrys, and she’s slowly but surely processing the fact that she now has two Henrys in her life of different ages. And I suppose there’s a farcical element to that, in her trying to catch up and comprehend the enormity of the situation.”

What makes Clare and Henry a great couple on The Time Traveler’s Wife?

“They listen. They realize they’re going to evolve together in their relationship, and they are supportive people to one another. And I think that is what pulls them through. When your other half is a time traveler, you’ve got to be very, very understanding!”

Showrunner and writer Steven Moffat says thanks to the TV adaptation, they have more time to discover every character

“With the adaptation happening episodically, as a result, we have more room for these characters to breathe and we get to delve into who they are more specifically.”

So, while Leslie admits “there are [some] changes,” she adds, “I feel that there is very much an essence of the book that [Steven] has stayed true to with Clare’s upbringing and the first stages of the relationship between Henry and Clare honor that.”

Among the updates that James thinks viewers can look forward to is “that [Moffat] added his signature humor, which is really important because the book has great humor, but also he has an ability to use time as a narrative device, which is unique.”

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Source: TVInsider

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