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Homethe walking deadThe Walking Dead EP previews Hornsby 's plan

The Walking Dead EP previews Hornsby ‘s plan

The Walking Dead executive producer and showrunner Angela Kang previews Lance Hornsby ‘s plan and “more trouble”!

Kang didn’t say much on whether Leah will replace Toby Carlson, but she previewed more trouble is coming. “I will have to say to watch the next episode and find out. But you’ve got a couple people who are out there making trouble, and so more trouble’s going to happen as a result of this pairing.”

One thing is sure: Hornsby doesn’t believe the Hilltop had nothing to do with killing the Commonwealth soldiers. “He thinks they’re full of s—. Yeah, 100 percent. He thinks they’re full of s—“, Kang said.

The Walking Dead

There are some things starting to crack

I think that there are some things starting to crack, and the way that we looked at the story is that whenever we bring the heroes that we’ve been following for a long time into a new community, we ask ourselves, “What changes as a result of them coming?” Because by bringing a new element into an ecosystem, the ecosystem is going to change as a result.

So what they come into is a system where there is a lot of unhappiness. Just the fact that Max was calling people on the radio trying to connect and was willing to run away at first, that tells you something about her state of mind. The fact that you never quite know where Mercer stands a lot of the time, that tells you something. The fact that there was a soldier who came and said, “There’s thousands like me that are unhappy with this system” — that tells you something.

A lot of times it takes something to push people into further action

But a lot of times it takes something to push people into further action, beyond just the feeling of like, “I am discontented.” So our heroes coming into the situation, suddenly a bunch of dynamics have shifted, and you’re also seeing people who are used to living more free and have survived all these years, just like everybody in the Commonwealth. And the Commonwealth’s sell to everybody has been, “Well, certain things work a certain way, but look, you all get to live and this is the only way that people survive.”

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Source: EW

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