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HomenewsThe Walking Dead finale: Rosita 's fate was Christian Serratos' idea!

The Walking Dead finale: Rosita ‘s fate was Christian Serratos’ idea!

Christian Serratos was the one behind her character Rosita ‘s fate in the mind-blowing The Walking Dead series finale!

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for the series finale of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead finale: Rosita 's fate was Christian Serratos' idea!

I didn’t know that they were going to be so forthcoming about that. I’m so happy I get to talk about it. I’ve been on the show for so long, and in watching the show, one of the things that I really loved about it was that it made me emotional. It tugged at your heartstrings.

One change could have saved She-Hulk
One change could have saved She-Hulk

Serratos on when the idea popped her mind

I started thinking about it probably when we wrapped our last season. And I think all of us collectively were going, “I wonder who’s going to go? Who’s it going to be?” And slowly, I think we started to realize that it might not be anybody. And I just really thought that we owed it to the show and to the audience to, like I said, break their hearts one last time. And also, for me, it just made so much sense for my character.

I was so lucky to outlive my character in the comic book and get to stay on the show for so long. I love these people. And honestly, I wasn’t ready to go. It’s so sad to think that she died, but it gave me kind of a sense of closure in a way because being an actor can be really psychological. You spend so much time pretending to be this person, and you grow very close to them. It’s like bonding between you and the character.

There were a couple different versions of what was going to happen

By the time I had the conversation with Angela, and we talked about it, I didn’t really have a concept. I knew that she would have to go saving her family. And whether that was her blood daughter or the family that she had acquired throughout all the years, she had to go protecting them.

And then, there were a couple different versions of what was going to happen. This industry, everything changes a thousand times. And I mean, even while we were filming it, I think it was changing. Not necessarily the way she goes out, but details, and those things matter. We care so much about the details. I think that’s why our show is so good, because everyone is so willing to stay up nights considering, “How can we make every single thing better? How can we make it more realistic?”

And so, I think it became that she died saving her daughter kind of midway through the season. It started to really make sense that that was the only way that she could go was dying saving Coco.

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Source: EW

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