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Homethe walking deadThe Walking Dead: Photography Director Stephen Campbell dies!

The Walking Dead: Photography Director Stephen Campbell dies!

A new mourning has struck The Walking Dead world in the last few hours: Photography Director Stephen Campbell dies.

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Yesterday, The Walking Dead photography director and camera operator from 2014 to 2020, Stephen Campbell died: It is one of those little-known names and those roles that are often taken for granted, almost never thinking that what we see on the screen, It’s also thanks to a great job from the people behind the camera and not just in front.

That’s why we thought it was right to remember it, because many of the images that we see on that screen that make us move, dream and even scare, are the result of talented people like Stephen was, who in 2015 also received nominations from the Society of Operating Cameraman just as “Operator of the Year” for his work in The Walking Dead.

The cast expressed their condolences on social media where he was remembered by everyone as a very kind and heartfelt person; and we show you some shots that represent who he was and how he worked.

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Chiara Lombatti
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