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Homethis is usThis Is Us: How will Marc react to Kate 's secret?

This Is Us: How will Marc react to Kate ‘s secret?

Oh baby, things look like they’ll be tough for Teen Kate when she’ll tell Marc her big secret when This Is Us returns in January.

As if it weren’t bad enough that Flashback Kate (played by Hannah Zeile) learned she was pregnant in the fall finale, the exclusive photo above — from This is us’ winter premiere on Tuesday, Jan. 5 (9/8c) — shows the girl meeting up with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Marc (Dash & Lily‘s Austin Abrams).

Austin Abrams (Marc) and Hannah Zeile (Kate) on This is us 5

Ostensibly, the child is Marc’s. But given that the last time we saw that character, he was getting thrown out of the family cabin by Rebecca, Randall and Kevin after emotionally berating and physically endangering Kate? TV Line was wondering… will young Kate even be able to go through with telling him about the baby?

In a previous interview, the actress who plays teenage Kate, Hannah Zeile talked about Kate’s troubles with Marc on the NBC series:

“… like in the episode when Marc calls her a ‘fat face,’. I think a lot of the time people think that it’s because of their own doing, you know? They think, ‘Maybe if I was thinner and I was in better shape or I was prettier, he wouldn’t treat me like this.’ But it’s not true, it’s really their own issue. And I think that insecurity… Kate always had self-doubt and always had insecurity, and I think that Marc definitely fostered them.”

Hannah Zeile (teenage Kate)

Viewers will recall that when Kate first divulged the pregnancy to Toby, she made it clear that her husband was becoming privy to “some stuff that I never wanted to tell anyone. I mean, not my mom, not my brothers, and not you.” Might we interpret that statement to mean that she never told Marc, either? Or did he hear the truth and not want anything to do with his future child?

New season of This is Us with its drama, emotions and plots returns on NBC on January 5!


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