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Homethis is usThis Is Us: Jon Huertas collaborated to tell Miguel ’s story

This Is Us: Jon Huertas collaborated to tell Miguel ’s story

This Is Us star Jon Huertas collaborated with director Zetna Fuentes and writer Jonny Gomez to tell Miguel ‘s story!

The final product is a collaboration between Huertas, staff writer Jonny Gomez, director Zetna Fuentes, multiple Latino actors, and many more Latinos behind the scenes. “Working on this episode was amazing,” Huertas said.

THIS IS US -- “Miguel” Episode 615 -- Pictured: Jon Huertas as Miguel -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

“I’ve known about this episode for a few seasons now. The way that the timing worked out, the episode is different than it would have been if it had come sooner, because it’s so close to the end and we had to address Miguel’s death in this episode. I’ve known the details about what kind of story we were going to tell, but we started really taking about it two months before the holidays. And I jumped into the writers’ room with Dan, and we helped come up with all of these ideas and influences from my life. And our writer, Jonny Gomez, made it a really full episode,” Huertas said.

“Writing this episode was a ton of pressure,” shares Gomez, who joined the show as a writer’s assistant in Season 3 before joining the staff this year. “I always knew there’d be an eventual Miguel-themed episode and I wanted to be the one to write it. I manifested this for three years and it’s even more special than I could’ve imagined because this is a true collaboration among Latinos.”

Adds Huertas, “And the fact that we’re doing this on the No. 1 show on broadcast TV that everyone loves so much made it that much more special. But having Jonny and Zetna as my collaborators was the icing on the cake. They looked me in the eyes that first day and said, ‘We got you.’ So I wasn’t afraid of anything.”

Huertas’ goal

My goal was to bring a lot of my little anecdotes that we can mold to fit who Miguel is and his story. After that initial time spent in the writers’ room that week, I’d get a phone call here and there from Jonny or Zetna, or the production designer, the prop master — different departments would check in with me and ask me, “Does this seem right? What should we do?” It was really nice to be included, but it was also beautiful to see them investing so much into making sure that this story felt authentic and true to my character’s background.

THIS IS US -- “Miguel” Episode 615 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jon Huertas as Miguel, Mandy Moore as Rebecca -- (Photo by: Ron Batzdorff/NBC)

Miguel was honoring Jack and kept his promise

“What was important for me to see and feel as Miguel was honoring who Jack was and honoring what their relationship was. But also honoring Rebecca and her feelings. I’m sure Miguel and Rebecca had conversations — and they did, that one time in the bed —  they don’t know how Jack would feel about this. Rebecca was like, “He would probably root for us.” Both of them ended up thinking that. Miguel is an honorable man and loyal to his friend, Jack, and the whole reason that he and Rebecca ended up together is because Jack made Miguel promise that if anything happened to him, he would take care of the family. But most importantly, Miguel always honored Rebecca, and that’s the best kind of love. That’s why he’s such a great caretaker in the end — he’s still honoring her.”

Jon Huertas Thinks Jack ‘Would Be Happy’ About Miguel and Rebecca’s Relationship

“If Jack was alive, I think that Miguel and Jack would have a problem,” he told host Janine Rubenstein. “But, if he’s gone, if he’s dead and if we believe that there’s an afterlife and that you’re actually able to view what’s going on the planet after you’re gone, then I think that Jack would be happy with Rebecca and Miguel’s union.”

Huertas said that saying goodye to Miguel was bittersweet

“Saying goodbye to Miguel was bittersweet but this episode was the perfect love letter to him,” he says. “Because it was such a collaborative episode, I feel like I had people right alongside me helping me say goodbye to the character in the right way. It just seemed so perfect that it made it less sad. On This Is Us, people die all the time but we stumble upon them again. As an actor, I’m the consummate time traveler on the show so you never know if he will come back and surprise you.”

Huertas’s message to This Is Us fans

Jon Huertas shared a video message on Twitter after the episode aired. Watch it below!

About is personal life..

“I were to think about my own personal life and my wife, and if I were to die,” he, before joking. “I would not want my wife out there, you know, dealing with a lot of the stuff that people deal with in the dating world. I have best friends in my life — who are real special to me, who I love. And if, you know, if I could see this person I love, who wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone else that I love, I would gladly accept that and gladly want that.”

Huertas shared why audiences were able to relate to various characters from This Is Us

“I think almost every scene in some respect resonated with viewers because the great thing about our show is that our writers are able to take pieces of themselves [and] pieces of conversations they have with us, the actors,” he shared. “And they’re able to kind of lace that into every episode and every scene and that way the audience can see or find themselves in every moment, every situation, every character.”

The actor also revealed his biggest takeaway from working on the long-running NBC drama series.

“We feel like people can’t handle things, but I think humans are much more resilient than we give ourselves credit for,” he said. “We can handle the hard truth. So I think that’s what I’m taking from the show is that if we communicate with one another, we can handle the hard truths.”

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Source: Variety/EW/Deadline

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