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Homethis is usThis Is Us: Justin Hartley previews 'emotional and dangerous' Big Three trilogy

This Is Us: Justin Hartley previews ’emotional and dangerous’ Big Three trilogy

This Is Us is about to drop the final Big Three trilogy of the series: star Justin Hartley previewed what to expect from these 3 episodes!

These 3 episodes focus on Kevin, Kate and last but not least, Randall, following Rebecca’s speech in last episode.

“You’re going to see the impact that had on the three kids and what they choose to do because of that very powerful speech,” Hartley said. He used “seminal” to describe the trilogy. “Seminal. I would say that they are significant and emotional and dangerous. Each character is making a decision that is going to change the course of their life from here. So it’s a defining moment — a line in the sand kind of thing. These characters that we’ve seen for the past six years are all of a sudden leading different lives, which is kind of cool.”

This Is Us: Justin Hartley previews 'emotional and dangerous' Big Three trilogy
About Kevin

In tonight’s episode, Kevin heads east with the twins to spend time at the Pearson cabin with Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and Uncle Nicky.

“These people came together in times of tragedy — they all had their own stuff going on — and it comes to a head and it boils over sometimes,” he says. “Kevin, in hanging out with Cassidy, has this idea that everything’s okay or it’s better when they’re together. He doesn’t quite understand how dark her darkness gets.”

About Kate

“Kate, in a weird way, is finding herself in a place that Kevin’s been in before — she’s trying to figure out how to make this marriage work and come to the realization that some things don’t work out the way that you thought that they would,” he says. “Do you adapt and adjust? Or are you even able to do that and you have to move on?”

About Randall

“Randall is on this journey with his mother and he’s always been the one that took care of her,” says Hartley. “She’s explained to him that it’s his time to take care of himself now. There are maybe greater things that he can affect more people than just one, and he might be able to do some things that can affect an entire nation or a world. And he certainly can’t do those things if he’s hindered by the things that he’s allowed to hinder him in the past. It’s a really moving episode. I can’t wait for everybody to see it.”

Which one of these This Is Us episodes of the Big Three trilogy are you most excited to wacth?

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Source: EW

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