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Shannen Doherty Slams SAG-AFTRA Insurance Amid Cancer Battle

Actress Shannen Doherty is in the middle of her cancer treatment, which she claims has been made more difficult without proper health insurance coverage.

“@Officialfrandrescher I’m curious for people like me who have worked since they were 10 and paid dues to @sagaftra how when we aren’t able to work for health reasons why our union abandons us,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum wrote via Instagram on Wednesday, March 8, tagging the Nanny alum who is the current president of the SAG-AFTRA organization. “I think we can do better for all our members and I think you’re [the] person to do it.”

Doherty continued: “Health insurance shouldn’t be based on annual income. It’s a lifetime contribution. And for me and many others, we have paid a lifetime of dues to only be canceled because we don’t meet your current criteria. Not OK.”

The Tennessee native, who was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, also snapped a selfie of herself receiving an IV treatment alongside her candid post.

Drescher was elected president of SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents performers and media professionals, in 2021 after Doherty’s former Beverly Hills, 90210 costar Gabrielle Carteris announced that she wouldn’t seek re-election after her own five-year term.

Shannen Doherty Courtesy of Shannen Doherty/Instagram

While neither Drescher nor the acting union have addressed the Charmed alum’s suggestions, several of her famous friends are in her corner. “100  100  too many of my friends have gone through this — it makes no sense. @sagaftra must do better!!” Busy Philipps commented on Wednesday.

Candace Cameron Bure, Alyssa Milano, Kelly Hu, fellow Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Christine Elise McCarthy and other stars have also publicly shared their support.

“I agree! I’ve been a member of SAG for 50 years. Since they arbitrarily changed the rules, me and many other senior actors have lost our SAG insurance,” Alana Stewart, who was previously married to rocker Rod Stewart, claimed in her own Instagram comment. “It’s outrageous to pay dues your whole career and end up with no insurance.”

While Doherty did not go into specifics about why she is unhappy with her health insurance, she has long been candid about her medical challenges. The Mallrats actress was first diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015. After briefly entering remission, Doherty revealed in February 2020 that the illness had returned.

“It’s going to come out in a matter of days or a week that — I’m stage IV. So my cancer came back. And that’s why I’m here,” the Heathers star said on Good Morning America at the time. “I don’t think I’ve processed it. It’s a bitter pill to swallow in a lot of ways. … I definitely have days where I say, ‘Why me?’ And then I go, ‘Well, why not me? Who else? Who else besides me deserves this?’ None of us do.”

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Source: PEOPLE

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First Look at Hulu’s Tiny Beautiful Things! – TRAILER

Hulu offered a first look at Tiny Beautiful Things, a new original limited series starring Kathryn Hahn and produced by ABC Signature and Hello Sunshine. The eight-episode series will premiere Friday, April 7 on the platform.


Based on Cheryl Strayed ‘s best seller, Tiny Beautiful Things follows Clare (Kathryn Hahn), a writer in crisis who becomes a revered journalist who owns an advice column, even though her life is falling apart.

A woman Clare who becomes a revered advice columnist when her own life is falling apart. When we first meet Clare, her marriage to her husband Danny is on its last leg. Her daughter, Rae, will barely talk to her. And her once-promising writing career is non-existent.

So when an old writing friend suggests she take over as the advice columnist Dear Sugar, she thinks she’s the last person for the job. But after reluctantly agreeing, she realizes that she might just be completely qualified. As the letter writers force Clare to revisit her most pivotal moments the death of her mother, the fallout with her brother, even some awful sex in the back office of a funeral home she excavates the beauty, struggle and humor in her own life to show us that we are not beyond rescue, that it’s our stories that can ultimately save us. And maybe even bring us back home.

Cast and production

The show stars Kathryn Hahn, Sarah Pidgeon, Quentin Plair and Tanzyn Crawford, with Owen Painter, Merritt Wever, Elizabeth Hinkler and Michaela Watkins guest starring. 

Liz Tigelaar is showrunner and executive producer of the ABC Signature e Hello Sunshine show with Lauren Neustadter, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Jayme Lemons, Cheryl Strayed, Stacey Silverman and Kathryn Hahn.

Promotional pictures


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Station 19 Season 6: Preview on Episode 9 – WATCH

Episode 9 of Station 19 season 6, called “Come as you are”, will air on ABC on March 9 with a new one of Grey’s Anatomy – Here’s a first look!

Station 19 Season 6: Preview on Episode 6 - WATCH
Station 19 Season 6: Preview on Episode 9 – WATCH

Synopsis of episode 9 of Station 19 Season 6 “Come as you are”

ABC has released the synopsis for Station 19 Season 6×09 “Come as you are”. What’s next for our favourite Seattle firefighters and paramedics? Read it below!

Theo realizes there is an uptick of fires in his old neighborhood and finds himself returning. At the clinic, Sullivan greets a patient with a large chest burn. Carina treats a pregnant patient who presents her with an offer.


Any scoop on Robert or Theo going into the second half of Station 19 Season 6? Both men were demoted for past mistakes. Will they get redemption?
I am hearing that while Robert and Theo have worked hard to prove their worth, and they are grateful to be part of the Station 19 family, personal morals don’t always align with protocol — and you will see them very much toe that line in the second half of the season).

Promotional photos of the episode

ABC hasn’t released the promotional photos for Station 19 Season 6×09 “Come as you are” yet! Keep following us ’cause we will upload everything as soon as ABC releases it!

Promo and sneak peeks of the episode Come as you are”

ABC hasn’t released the promo or sneak peeks for Station 19 Season 6×09 “Come as you are” yet – we will be uploading them as soon as available so keep following us!

What do you think about this first preview on Station 19 6×09? We at Survived The Shows are looking forward to watch it!

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 19: Preview on episode 9! – WATCH

On the US network ABC, Episode 9 of Grey’s Anatomy Season 19, entitled “Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing” will air March 9. On which new mission will our first responders embark? Let’s see together some preview!

Grey's Anatomy 19 Episode 2

Synopsis of episode 19×09

ABC has released a first logline that teases what’s going to happen in Episode 9 yet . Let’s see together what this episode is about.

Simone is met with a life-changing decision upon the return of someone from her past. Blue shadows Maggie on a risky procedure, while Jo and Link tend to a pregnant woman. At the intern house, Lucas and Mika throw a party filled with surprises.

All promotional photos of Grey’s Anatomy season 19 episode 9

ABC hasn’t released any promotional pictures for Grey’s Anatomy Season 19×09 ‘Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing‘. Let’s take a look!

Sneak Peeks

Sneak peeks from the episode are not available yet. Keep following us ‘cause we will upload everything as soon as ABC releases it!


The promo from the episode is not available. Keep following us ‘cause we will upload everything as soon as ABC releases it!

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YOU Season 4: Penn Badgley Promises That Part 2 Will Bring ‘Rewarding’ Answers!


Penn Badgley is back as Joe Goldberg on Netflix’s YOU, but the tables have turned this time and he’s the one being hunted. With Joe aware of Rhys’ secret, what is his next move?

“Part 2 is probably different from Part 1,” Badgley told ET’s Brice Sander of where things go from here in Part 2, acknowledging that the fifth episode leaves viewers asking a lot of questions.

“If you have questions, there will be answers,” he promised. “They are probably wondering, ‘What the hell? What is going on?’ Trust me, just a few episodes more it really does what the show does best. I think in episode 8 you actually see a different side to Joe that you’ve never seen. The show does something that it’s never done before and I think it’s really rewarding.”

Badgley shared a message to fans who may be reeling from the emotional roller-coaster after binge-watching the first five episodes: “Are you OK? How do you feel? Do you need some time?”

YOU Season 4: Penn Badgley Promises That Part 2 Will Bring ‘Rewarding’ Answers!

The actor noted that the two halves of season 4 feel like two parts of a whole, with Part 1 being a slight departure in genre with Joe operating two steps behind instead of two steps ahead.

“It’s not only a different city, it’s a different genre, so it feels very fish-out-of-water. I think people will find that very different but of course he’s always Joe. In Part 2, it’s sort of coming home to what the show does best after having doing the murder mystery detour,” Badgley teased.

Badgley addressed whether season 4 could mark the end of Joe’s journey as the first half of the season saw him attempting to keep his past tendencies at bay — ultimately unsuccessfully in the end.

“I certainly can’t spoil it but I would think that if we don’t get another season, this could be a somewhat satisfying end,” he said. “Joe, at this point, he’s like a post-modern icon. He’s such a popular dude but… there’s gotta be, to me, a more thorough, satisfying conclusion.”

Outspoken since the beginning of You about people’s fascination with serial killers, especially amid recent movies and shows focused on Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, Badgley said that’s a question you need to ask yourself.

“We need to look inside,” he said with a laugh. “Now, to be fair, with our show we created something where you’re meant to fall in love with him, so that’s on us. Ted Bundy, that’s on you. Jeffrey Dahmer, that is on you… It’s weird, man. That’s what our show is exploring.”

YOU Season 4: Penn Badgley Promises That Part 2 Will Bring 'Rewarding' Answers!
YOU Season 4: Penn Badgley Promises That Part 2 Will Bring ‘Rewarding’ Answers!

YOU EP Previews What’s Next for Joe in Season 4 Part 2

“Now we’re in a different kind of movie, one where we know who the killer is, so it really becomes more about the relationship between Joe and the killer,” showrunner Sera Gamble tells TVLine. “I glibly refer to it as the serial killer buddy movie part of the season. We’ve never seen Joe have a conversation with someone who is — I don’t know if we can say he’s worse, but he’s just as bad. And I will say that Rhys doesn’t suffer the same level of regret and shame that Joe does. That, to us, is fascinating.”

Speleers seconds that notion, telling TVLine that Rhys’ darkness is one of the main reasons he went after this role. “Putting my ego aside, I wanted the chance to take on something that was this complex and dark,” he ays. “I’m fascinated by characters that are living in that sphere. It was a real honor to get the opportunity.”

As for the decision to split YOU‘s fourth season into two parts — Season 1 aired weekly on Lifetime, then shifted to all-at-once drops for Seasons 2 and 3 on Netflix — Gamble says the idea was pitched to her and the show’s other executive producers by the streamer.

“We were well into the season at that point, but Greg [Berlanti] and I started our careers in network TV, so we never really stopped seeing a season in terms of having a great midseason cliffhanger,” Gamble recalls. “So when Netflix said, ‘How would you feel about it?’ we were like, ‘Oh, it’s built for this.’ The whoduit is exactly five episodes long, and then the second half is a totally different story about killers. We were delivering a giant estate fire and revealing the killer at the end of Episode 5. Why wouldn’t you divide the season into two pieces?”

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Source: ET Online / TV Line

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Hallmark’s ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Franchise to Return With Prequel Movie – WATCH

Hallmark is reimagining one of its most popular, long-running mystery movie franchises: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which aired 18 movies from 2015 through early 2022, will return with a prequel film, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New, led by a new cast. Filming will begin shortly.


Skyler Samuels (The Gabby Petito Story, The Gifted) and Evan Roderick (A Tale of Two Christmases, Autumn in the City) will step into the shoes of young Aurora Teagarden and young Arthur Smith, respectively. Marilu Henner, who played Aurora’s mother, Aida Teagarden, in the franchise, is set to reprise her role.


Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New takes place during Aurora’s (Samuels) post-college days when she finds herself back home in Lawrenceton. While her mother, Aida (Henner), struggles to keep her newfound real estate business, Aurora supports herself by working as a teacher’s assistant in a crime fiction class and waitresses at the local diner at night, where she shares her love of researching true crime with her friend, Sally, and police officer, Arthur (Roderick). When Sally’s fiancé doesn’t show up at their wedding rehearsal, maid of honor Aurora gets Arthur to help her search for him. When they discover a body, everyone assumes it is Sally’s tardy groom, but when it turns out to be someone else, Sally’s fiancé becomes the main suspect.

“Our viewers have been waiting for more adventures with Aurora and her friends — what better way to do that than to take them back to when the young, amateur sleuth was just coming into her own?” said Emily Merlin, Development Manager of Programming at Hallmark Media. “The Aurora Teagarden franchise is a fan favorite and we’re excited to share this new chapter with viewers.”

The Aurora Teagarden movies are based on characters and novels by Charlaine Harris. And launched in April 2015 with its first film, Aurora Teagarden: A Bone to Pick. The latest movie, the 18th in the series, Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Haunted by Murder, premiered February 2022.

The franchise was led by former Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure as the eponymous heroine. And Peter Benson, who played Arthur, and Lexa Doig, who portrayed Sally. Bure departed the network last April.

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An Ode to the TV Shows That Showed Just How Powerful Women Can Be!


A slew of TV shows featuring inspiring AF women? Consider them handled, thanks to none other than Shonda Rhimes.

Whether you aspired to be part of a crisis management team after watching Kerry Washington steal the show in Scandal or you were more than ready to get your law degree after seeing Viola Davis star in How to Get Away with Murder, either way, the prolific television creator knew how to write characters that inspired viewers by displaying just how powerful women could really be.

And even before Rhimes stole our hearts (and our attention) every Thursday with her star-studded ABC lineup, women were kicking both literal and figurative butt in spy-centric shows like Veronica Mars (which had Kristen Bell, her trusty camera and sardonic wit as its lead) and Alias (which saw Jennifer Garner carry out countless missions as a double agent in the early aughts).

And there’s more action where that came from.

In honor of International Women’s Day March 8, read on to see all the women who took center stage and changed the game on TV:

How to Get Away With Murder

Shortly after Annalise Keating (none other than Viola Davis) first stepped into her classroom at Middleton University in 2014, she also stepped into fans’ hearts and minds as well.

Not only did the show grip audiences for six seasons on ABC, but Viola’s role earned her countless awards. Including the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2015—making her the first black woman to win the trophy.


Kerry Washington‘s Olivia Pope was so convincing when she and her crisis management team stormed onto TV screens with Scandal in 2012, that many fans considered their fix for political drama handled. And even four years after the show ended it’s six-season run, we still find ourselves wanting to curl up with our biggest glass of wine

Being Mary Jane

After the debut of Being Mary Jane in 2014, it’s safe to say fans were obsessed with being on the journey with Gabrielle Union‘s character Mary Jane Paul. Through the show’s five seasons, Mary Jane shared insight on what life was like as a successful news anchor trying to find the balance between her career and her personal life.


Without a doubt, when it came to kicking off the espionage era of TV thrillers in the early aughts, Alias simply dominated. Jennifer Garner—alongside an ensemble cast including Michael VartanBradley Cooper and Victor Garber, to name a few—kicked ass, took names and wore all the wigs as double agent Sydney Bristow.ù

Veronica Mars

A long time ago, we used to settle in every week to watch as Kristen Bell—the series’ eponymous high schooler-slash-private eye—untangled mysteries and delivered the sharpest of one-liners. Though the series initially ended in 2007, the petite investigator lives on in our hearts and on screen thanks to various reboots.


Another espionage series that had viewers hooked and on the edge of their seats? None other than Showtime’s Homeland. The TV thriller—which centered on CIA officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes)—had enough twists and turns to last a lifetime. And not only did the show receive critical acclaim during its nine-year run, but it earned Claire a pair of Primetime Emmys.

Killing Eve

No other show captured mutual obsession quite like the BBC series, Killing Eve, which followed Sandra Oh‘s Eve Polastri as the intelligence investigator in charge of capturing her archenemy Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer). There’s just something about watching someone join an undercover division of the Secret Intelligence Service that gave fans a thrill like no other.


The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling were the ones to beat when Netflix’s Glow debuted in 2017. For three seasons, viewers watched Allison BrieBetty GilpinSydelle Noel and other women wrestle their way to the top of the sport in the 1980s, claiming their titles as queens of the ring.

The Bold Type

Who wouldn’t want to work for the one of the world’s biggest magazines with their best friends? For five seasons on Freeform, the magical trio of Jane (Katie Stevens), Sutton (Meghann Fahy) and Kat (Aisha Dee) made living in the Big Apple as they each thrived in their media careers look like heaven on Earth.


Melissa Benoist saved the day time and time again as the titular character in the CBS (and later the CW) series, Supergirl. For six seasons, viewers on our very real Earth watched as she embraced her superhuman powers to protect her planet at large.

The Equalizer

Queen Latifah‘s Robyn McCall continues to give a whole new meaning to definition of what it means to be a street vigilante. One of the smash hits of 2021 when it debuted, The Equalizer was recently renewed for a third and upcoming fourth season.

Murder She Wrote

This Angela Lansbury-led classic will forever remain a staple in our hearts—and for good reason. Debuting in 1984, it earned an impressive 12 Emmy nods during its 12-year run. And, tbh, we’re still on the hunt for something that hits us quite in the feels the same way.

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This Is Us: which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?


This Is Us is a series rich of characters, each different from each other: have you ever thought about which character would you be based on your zodiac sign?

Here’s every This Is Us character associated with a zodiac sign!
Disclaimer: the signs have been associated according to the characteristics of the individual characters and the zodiacal signs. The date of birth of some of the characters is unknown.

Aries – Jack

this is us zodiac sign jack aries ariete segno zodiacale

Aries are bold, stubborn, a firce of nature and Jack makes a perfect Aries! He’s always full of energy to achieve his goals. He always tries, no matter how hard a situation can be.

Taurus – Rebecca

This Is Us

Taurus are resourceful, stubborn, pushy. They know they have to work hard to achieve their dreams and that’s what they do! They value high-quality things, but are also responsible, devoted people. Rebecca is in fact compassionate and loving, an incredible mother!

Gemini – Deja

This Is Us deja zodiac sign gemini gemelli segno zodiacale

Deja is definitely a Gemini! Geminis are very often inconsistent and given the lack of stability Deja experienced during her early life, it suits her. Geminis can be a bit moody, chatty, inquisitive and two-sided.

Cancer – Kate

Kate in This Is Us zodiac sign segno zodiacale

People born under the Cancer sign are emotional, intuitive, have a great sixth sense and can get real moody. Kate has alwayes been very emotional and sensitive. She had a beautiful, intuitive bond with her brothers and feels things on a deeper level.

Leo – Kevin

This Is Us: Kevin sta per diventare padre - Ecodelcinema

The people of the sign of Leo love to be the center of attention: Kevin is the perfect representation of it, given his role as a Hollywood actor. Leo is self-centered, charismatic, very proud, loves drama and does not let anyone put their feet on their head. But Leo hides a certain sensitivity: for the people they care about, they would do anything!

Virgo – Randall

This Is Us: noi staremo dalla parte di Randall Pearson, sempre

Randall’s real sign is Virgo and it suits him perfectly – much more than his brothers and his father Jack! Those born under the sign of the Virgo are perfectionists, altruists, analytical and responsible. Randall, with his his perfectionism and organized ways, is the perfect representation of a Virgo!

Libra – Miguel

This Is Us zodiac sign segno zodiacale

Libra signs are diplomatic, balanced, loyal, idealistic and always triy to do the best for the common good. Although Miguel pursues balance and family peace, he is also able to speak out and help the younger ones see reality.

Scorpio – Beth

This Is Us zodiac

Scorpio is a water sign, along with Cancer and Pisces. They have the reputation of being the most sensitive signs, but Scorpio is a bit different because, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that way at all. They’re chameleons, curious, they don’t trust anyone, and at first they seem very hard and cold. Actually, once the walls are down, they hide a very sensitive side. They also avoid asking for help, which explains why the issue of Beth’s extreme dedication and sensibility blew up at Kate and Toby’s parties.

Sagittarius – Dr. K

dr k this is us zodaic sign segno zofiacale

Sagittarius are optimistic, encouraging, rash, independent and love their freedom. They care a lot about their family but sometimes struggle to settle down because of their need fro freedom. However, they are very optimistic and philosophical. Another trait of the sign is their honesty: Dr. K is incredibly honest, as Sagittariuses often are to the point of saying too much, but this trait played out well when he spoke to Rebecca about moving on at Jack’s funeral.

Capricorn – Tess

thes this is us zodiac sign segno zodiacale

Capricorns are leaders. They are very stubborn, high-achieving and seek to ground and stabilize. Capricorns are tenacious and Tess shows this from a very young age!

Aquarius – Toby

This Is Us': Toby Just Took the Weight Loss Thing Too Far, and Fans Can't  Take It

Sometimes described as weird, Aquarius are creative, intellectual and innovative. We can see this extravagance in Toby’s fashion sense and personality! They are loyal and generous to the people they love.

Pisces – William

This Photo Of William From 'This Is Us' Season 3 May Mean A Huge Twist Is  Coming

Those born under this sign are very sensitive, emotional and dreamy. They have a strong creativity and often work in the arts. In fact, William often loses himself in music and books.


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Walker Season 3: Preview on Episode 14! – WATCH

The CW reboot, Walker starring Jared Padalecki is back on the small screen with its season 3. What kind of adventures will expect Walker and the whole squad in episode 14 of Walker Season 2, “Buffering”? Let’s see together some preview!

Walker Season 3: Preview on 3×14!

Synopsis for Walker Season 3 Episode 14!

The CW has officially released a press release that teases what’s going to happen in episode 314. What will happen in this episode? Let’s find out together.

SLOW REDEMPTION – Cordell (Jared Padalecki) and Cassie (Ashley Reyes) intervene in a hostage situation at a server farm, but something Trey (Jeff Pierre) finds indicates something more sinister is at play.  Meanwhile, August (Kale Culley) tries to smooth things over with his grandparents, Liam (Keegan Allen) attempts to step up his responsibility within the family business, and a luncheon awkwardly reunites Cordell with someone from the past.  Also starring Molly Hagan, Mitch Pileggi, and Violet Brinson.  Lauren Petzke directed the episode written by Maya Vyas (#309).  Original airdate 1/19/2023.

All Promotional Pictures of the episode

The CW hasn’t released the promotional pictures that tease what’s going to happen yet – What’s going to happen in this episode? Let’s find out together.

Promo and sneak peeks

The CW hasn’t officially released the promo and sneak peeks that tease what’s going to happen. What’s going to happen in this episode?

What do you think of this first preview for Walker Season 3? We at Survived The Shows are definitely looking forward to it!

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Netflix Orders Shondaland White Home Thriller Drama, The Residence!

Shondaland has scored one other collection order at Netflix, with the streamer selecting up the homicide thriller drama “The Residence,” based on Selection.

Shonda Rhimes Paul William Davies
Netflix Orders Shondaland White Home Thriller Drama, The Residence!

The collection is impressed by Kate Andersen Brower’s ebook “The Residence: Contained in the Personal World of the White Home.” It’s described as a screwball whodunnit set within the upstairs, downstairs, and backstairs of the White Home, among the many eclectic employees of the world’s most well-known mansion. The present is alleged to function “one useless physique, one wildly eccentric detective, and one disastrous State Dinner,” per Netflix.

Present has acquired an eight-episode order. Paul William Davies is the showrunner and government producer on the present. Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers government produce on behalf of Shondaland through the corporate’s Netflix total deal. Davies can also be underneath an total deal at Netflix.

This marks the most recent collaboration between Davies and Rhimes. He beforehand created the ABC authorized drama “For the Individuals,” which was produced by Shondaland. He was additionally a author on the hit ABC collection “Scandal,” which Rhimes created


Uzo Aduba has been tapped because the lead of Netflix’s Shondaland murder-mystery drama The Residence, from author Paul William Davies. Moreover, Liza Johnson (The Final of Us, The Diplomat) has been set to direct the primary 4 episodes of the collection. Davies, who serves as showrunner, government produces with Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers.

Aduba will play Cordelia Cupp, a consulting detective for the Metropolitan Police Division. Cupp is an astute observer of human habits, with a particular and – to some, unsettling – conversational model.

The brand new members are: Andre Braugher, Edwina Findley, Molly Griggs, Jason Lee, Ken Marino, Al Mitchell, Dan Perrault, Bronson Pinchot, Susan Kelechi Watson, Isiah Whitlock Jr., and Mary Wiseman.

Additional cast members

E.L. Losada (“Loot,” “Los Frikis”), Matt Oberg (“Veep,” “Superstore”), Ryan Farrell (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “The Deuce”), and Alexandra Siegel (“Bosch,” “American Auto”) are the latest additions to the cast. Losada will play energy healer St. Pierre. Oberg will play deputy calligrapher Nick Simms. Farrell will play socialite Lorenzo Motta. Siegel will play socialite Valentina Motta.

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