Bradley Whitford ricorda l’‘Incredibilmente buono’ Matthew Perry!


Bradley Whitford ricorda Matthew Perry in seguito alla sua morte il mese scorso. “Extra’s” ha parlato con Bradley Whitford at Bryan Cranston’s celebrity Texas Hold ’em poker tournament to benefit the Entertainment Community Fund.

Whitford reflected on Perry’s death after posting a poignant tribute to the “Friends” actor on social media.

He told Robert, “That was a shock. I love Matt, very much. Anybody that ever got to work with him loved him. He was incredibly kind… not only to his co-stars, but absolutely everybody… Funniest human being on the planet… Huge, open heart. He was wrestling, heroically, a monster his entire life… He would want anybody that was struggling with the issues that he was struggling with to know that there are places to get help. That if you are not struggling with those things, you need to support those going through it… His open heart, his amazing mind, made him practically vulnerable… He will be missed.”

Bradley Whitford Remembers ‘Incredibly Kind’ Matthew Perry

Remembering working together on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip,” Bradley said, “The between-takes stuff with him are truly a highlight of what I feel has been a very lucky career.”

On a lighter note, Bradley is all in when it comes to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship. He told Melvin, “All joking aside I am totally in their corner — I love them both.”

As for the event, Bradley said he is not a poker player. “Absolutely not, I am really terrible at it… Really, I don’t know anything about poker.”

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